Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Supergirl Annual #2 Sneak Peek Panel

I have been eagerly anticipating the October 27th release of Supergirl Annual #2, the initial meeting (at least from his perspective) of Supergirl and Brainiac 5. This issue is written by Sterling Gates and illustrated by Supergirl pinch hitter extraordinaire Matt Camp.

Well over on Matt Camp's blog, we get another sneak peek into this issue. We get a nice process piece on one of the panels of the book. Here is the link:

Here is the showcased panel - Supergirl emerging from the ground brandishing a sword while some 'old school' Legionnaires look on happily.

As usual, it is really spectacular work with a clean highly detailed style and a perfect Supergirl.

The panel is an homage of the 'original' Supergirl's adventure where she joined the Legion in Action Comics #276 which I reviewed back in April. One of the things she obtained for them was Excalibur. So it looks like Gates and Camp are re-imagining not only the Kara/Brainy relationship but also some of her earliest Legion stories as well.

As an old-timer and a continuity nut, I love things like this. Those who recognize the 'Easter egg' appreciate it but you don't need to know that information to enjoy the current story.

As always, I love seeing the 'behind the scenes' part of producing a comic so I was thrilled to see Camp's thumb nail of the panel. I am glad the decision was made to make the background the forest rather than the city questioned here.

A forest is a more idyllic setting and just feels more Arthurian than having her tunnel up into Metropolis.

And we get to see the black and white version as well. The dappled sunlight variations through the leaves in the colored versions really adds to the piece.

So now seeing some inside art, knowing that there are going to be some Silver Age flourishes (we already knew about Satan Girl, now we see this scene), I get the sense I am going to love this issue. Camp's stuff is really slick.


Nikki said...

Remember, she HAS to discover excalibur at this point so Great Darkness can still work.

She also has to invent cancellite for that matter but thats a little while after this.

Chad said...

I agree, Anj. After reading your post I'm really looking forward to the Annual now. Nice pickup with the Arthurian parallel from Action #276. Being a huge LoSH fan as well, this promises to be a great issue.