Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baltimore Comic-Con: Terry Moore Commission

Before the Baltimore Comic-Con, I was looking over the artists in attendance and trying to come up with my primary target for commissions. The short list was Terry Moore, Amanda Conner, and Jamal Igle.

It is always tricky to line up commissions at a big convention like this. It is a matter of not only preference, but also cost, ability to get on the artist's list early, and the artist's commission schedule.

For example, there are some artists that don't go in order down their commission list. They cherry pick the commission requests that interest them. I don't begrudge them at all. But it is hard to put money 'on hold' for a commission that might never come to fruition. Also, some artist's lists fill within the first 5 minutes of a convention. Will I be able to get there in time ... where is my position in the entry line ... becomes crucial.

But as always, it is whether I not I like the artist's work that is the ultimate hurdle. I love Terry Moore's art so I was thrilled when I was first on his commission list and doubly thrilled when I was told he loves to draw Supergirl. I was pretty eager to get the commission in my hands and so probably swung by Moore's table to check progress to often. Another thing I have learned about commissions is to never linger. Let the artist take their time, you'll get a better product. I think I violated that rule. My apologies to Mr. Moore if I was something of a nuisance.

The bottom line is I got an absolutely great and original commission for my collection. I have plenty of commissions of Supergirl flying/floating in the clouds or striking a heroic pose. This one is just so fresh ... a young happy Supergirl surfing a meteorite while she sips a Dr. Pepper. She is unbelievably cute. This definitely a Moore piece. You recognize his style immediately.

So the Terry Moore Supergirl commission is spectacular. The Jamal Igle Linda Lang commission is phenomenal. I have a couple more commissions to show which are also great. This con was definitely a productive one for my commission collection.


Mauricio said...

Thanks for sharing! :)

Gene said...

Sipping a soda, watching the universe zip by, not a bad way to relax says I.

Great piece Anj!

Diabolu Frank said...

Terry Moore needs to do a little more mainstream work. He could be the next Amanda Conner, except for the smaller boobs. On him, I mean. Plus, Conner doesn't have much to sell outside The Pro while Moore has got a bounty of units ready to move with added interest.

Adam Smasher said...

I love seeing your commissions and look forward to the others. This is another winner, very unique