Friday, September 17, 2010

Sales Review: August 2010

It is that time of the month again, a time becoming consistently depressing. Over on ICv2, the sales numbers from August 2010 were released. In some somewhat shocking news, the comics world as a whole took a bath last month with sales plummeting and no comic topping 100K in sales. Here is the link:

And the top 300 comics are listed here: 

Now if the whole comic world sank last month, I shouldn't have been surprised to see Supergirl #55 fall a bit as well. Down 4% from July's sales, Supergirl #55 sold 25,891 units. This issue continued the BizarroGirl story arc and was the first issue with Amy Reeder as cover artist.

I have decided not to read too much into these things anymore. I have simply decided that the book is healthy and hopefully has a long healthy future in front of it. Almost all comics fell last month, this was just one of them. But I wonder if I might be whistling past the graveyard.

As I have said before, the sad thing is that this is the book I think many of us have been clamoring for, free of weighty crossovers with strong stories and great art. So I am perplexed by the erosion into sales here. Hopefully persistent good word of mouth and recognition by the pro web sites will bring people to the title.

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mathematicscore said...

I don't follow the sales that closely (in fact, you are my main source of info in that regard) but Bleeding Cool has something to say about that a day or two ago

As long as we keep enjoying it, it will be around in some form or another. :)