Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Supergirl! Now Let's Get Snubbed!

 A tip of the hat to Supergirl writer Sterling Gates (!!) who on Twitter reminded me that September 22nd is Supergirl's birthday! I can't believe that slipped my mind! Gates also linked to this great web site The DC Universe Calendar ( here is the link: ) which commemorates all the important dates in the DCU. There must be have been some hard research to set that site up! Thanks to whoever did the leg work. The issue above had Superman helping Supergirl celebrate her anniversary on Earth ... the closest I could come to an appropriate picture on such short notice.

Anyways, so here I was ready to recognize Supergirl's birthday and write something about how much I love the character and how glad I am that she seems to becoming a big part of the DCU. While formulating that post, I went to Newsarama and read an article about the premiere of Superman/Batman:Apocalypse, the movie bringing Supergirl to the small screen. What better way to add to the birthday celebration than to read about her presence in an upvoming movie?

As always, the whole interview is a great read, with questions asked of many of the significant creators and voices in the movie. Here is that link:

But this blurb based on a question asked of director Lauren Montgomery sort of bummed me out:
Montgomery discusses how Supergirl's name was taken out of the title of the story, which was called "The Supergirl From Krypton" in the comics. Montgomery said it happened after the Wonder Woman DVD-release animated film didn't meet sales expectations. "We had to fight to even put her on the cover, and then they put her skanky version on the cover. So 'those' boys would buy it." 

Boy, that put a damper on things. How sad that DC Entertainment felt the very word Supergirl would detract from sales. And then to hear that they would only allow the 'corrupted Kara' on the cover to lure in a certain demographic is also disheartening.

I have heard rumors that the movie is very good, pretty faithful to the source material, and hopefully the portrayal of Supergirl in the movie lives up to my expectations. 

Anyways ....

I shouldn't let that quote sour the whole day right. If anything ... and I have said it many times ... this is a great time to be a Supergirl fan so today should be a day to recognize that. 


Anonymous said...

Fret not oh Anj, SG's b-day at least getting appropriate props on this blog.
That counts in my book.
Over at the (which bills itself as "The Home of Supergirl on the Internet") there is dead silence.
You can bet though if it was Chloe Sullivan's birthday or Allison Mack's dog's birthday. they'd be all over it.
Just sayin'

John Feer

Nikki said...

Screw SHP, The home of Supergirl is right here and at Maid of Might. We don't need a sidepage from the superman fanboys.

I think we all knew what was up with the cover. The official site synopsis of the movie only refers to her as 'The Kryptonian'. In the end I'm glad we got the movie at all but spread the word. If this sells well they could rethink their position and we may get Batgirl:Year One and another Supergirl story yet.

Also, I don't know if this has been mentioned by IMDB lists Summer as Supergirl in the DC Online game.

valerie21601 said...

Sounds like the marketing "people" really don't know how to aim for the girls and womens demographics, only for the "men" part of it. I sometimes wonder if they do have any women on their staff and if they do that they are women who really aren't comic book fans at all. To them they simply view it only as a job and have no feeling for other girls and women, who truly do love the genre.

On a much lighter note.
Today also happens to be one of my younger sister's birthday today.

Anonymous said...

Per the IMDB, it is also Laura "SUPERGIRL" Vandervoort's twenty sixth birthday today.
Howzdat for kismet?

BTW they aren't "Superman fanboys" at SHP, they are marks for "Smallville", there is a diff.
Okay done cracking ugly on SHP...I promise.

John Feer

Varmil said...

I have watched "Wonder Woman" animated movie and i liked it.
I was surprised it didn't sell well. Maybe female viewers aren't that strong in numbers like it would seem. Then it's not a surprise that DC Comics won't do any more movies with female lead character. Too bad that poor performance of WW animated movie caused Warner Bros. to drop WW live action movie. But we have to understand that big companies (or even small ones) aren't charities. They have to make money to pay the employees and finance future projects.

Gene said...

This month also marks the second anniversary of Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle taking over the title and sending Supergirl to new heights without ever looking back. Cheers gentlemen!

Anj wrote:
"But this blurb based on a question asked of director Lauren Montgomery sort of bummed me out"

You have GOT to be kidding me! The Wonder Woman movie did well; it just did not sell as fast in the same amount of time as other releases. People seem to forget that Wonder Woman was released when the economy was not in the best of shape.

The fact that they could not include Supergirl's name in the title and had to fight to put her picture on the cover defies belief.

"We had to fight to even put her on the cover, and then they put her skanky version on the cover. So 'those' boys would buy it."

So instead of promoting a positive female role model, they had to pander to a demographic that caters to underage girls in dominatrix like outfits? Such thinking disappoints and angers me.

Craig M said...

I'm happy to know that I wasn't the only one to remember Kara's birthday. I've been in love with her since I was seven years old (now 34) and I do my best to remember Kara's (and as Linda, April 11 -- the same date as she came to Earth). It's comforting to know Gates remembered, as I haven't been completely happy with his writing. (For one thing, IMHO, Superwoman should have been Linda, and another, Kara shouldn't still be so insecure)

I was at my parents and my mom was going to make supper; I was going to ask if she could make Kara's fried chicken recipe from DC's Super Healthy Super Hero Cook Book in celebratin but figured that my family endures enough of my obsession as it is, lol.

I was nine years old when DC killed Kara off and I mourned her and didn't enjoy comics fully until she was brought back. I must admit I miss pre-Crisis Kara's personality, her sense of humor, her adulthood, and her position as DC's second most powerful super hero, in the ranks of her cousin and friend Wonder Woman as opposed to Wonder Girl and Superboy, but I'm truly happy she is back as Supergirl. I'm sooo grateful to have my childhood wish come true, as I never thought past an Elseworlds would I see Kara fly the skies of the DCU again.

Anyway, I'm excited for the "Apocalypse" next week. (I figured out before why the name change.) It's also exciting that despite the name change, Kara will be getting a small screen movie, and not far off from her Bday either! I'm also thrilled I can also read about her FINALLY as a full fledged member of the JLA, and that she's becoming a a major presence again in the DCU.

Anyway, you sincerely for this website! It's nice to know I'm not alone in the love for the Sgirl in all her forms. :)

Adam Smasher said...

They also cancelled the "Batgirl Year One" movie too (which was Laurens dream project). To be clear, Wonder Woman did eventually sell well, but its first week sales were terrible, I beleive they were the worst of that line. But it did pick up has since sold better than both JLA movies, better than the Green Lantern movie, and so far, better than Batman Under the Red Hood - which surpisingly did less than expected on its first week.

I don't get it, I always liked female heroes - SG, Batgirl, Black Widow at Marvel, Wonder Woman, Canary... all of them are beautiful, smart, have a great sense of humor and kick major butt, what's not to like? Come on guys, get with the program and buy/support the superwomen - frankly I'm getting tired of the same old Batman/Superman movies.

Marc Burkhardt said...

I'm not sure if being true to the original source material is necessary a good thing in the case of the original Superman/Batman arc.

Anj said...

Thanks for all the comments and kind words about the site. I think all you guys are what makes this place so great!

I agree that it is irksome that Supergirl got snubbed a bit on the movie. It is clear they think she can move product given the statues and shirts they are churning out.

And it is clear that female characters are also a draw given the glut of titles out there including Batgirl, Zatanna, BoP, etc.

I think Supergirl is portrayed pretty innocently in the original series, although the scenes as the corrupted Kara make me cringe. The Loeb stuff isn't the best Supergirl material but it isn't the worst either.

Saranga said...

I'm a bit late to this one, but,

"We had to fight to even put her on the cover, and then they put her skanky version on the cover. So 'those' boys would buy it."

Screw you marketing people, you need a new job.

TalOs said...

Add yet another here who was enjoying the "behind the scenes" to this much anticipated animated movie only to hear what the lady had to say as to the reason why there being no "Supergirl" included in it's main title. Disgusting.

TalOs said...