Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Clip From Superman/Batman:Apocalypse

Some screen shots and a new clip from the upcoming Superman/Batman:Apocalypse movie have been released and is viewable over on CBR. Here is the link:

This is just a pic of the clip, not a link. It shows Kara's first interaction with the Gotham Police. The animation looks very good and Kara looks very nice. The clip also shows how without practice powers like heat vision and flight would sort of automatically kick on.

The movie is going to be released 12 days from now. It seems like it was just announced!

Unfortunately I am working all day on the release date of 9/28 so I can't get it on the first day. I will definitely review the movie here. I am actually pretty excited to see this.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad thy found a trenchcoat for her, I was worried....


John Feer

Gene said...

I'm looking forward to this too. It will be interesting to see how faithful this movie will be to the original story.

Anonymous said...

Well, unofficially, the movie's been out for a few days in the "usual places" (ahem) and I've had a skim through it but not watched it all properly as I'm waiting to see it on Blu-Ray.

It seems pretty faithful to the original story from what I could see but it obviously doesn't follow it verbatim. Some of the lines are similar, others totally different. There's also some additional "padding" in places - e.g. when they go shopping in Metropolis it's about a page in the comic but this translates to over a minute of trying on clothes and men checking out Kara's butt whilst Clark glares at them etc. Also, since this was mentioned a bit before, she's still pretty much naked at the start before she gets that trenchcoat, as per the comic, but she's standing in a bit more shadow this time around!

One thing I would say is that when Superman first speaks to her and tells Batman that she's her cousin, it seems a bit flat. In the comic she's crying and naturally quite emotional but here I just felt it was a bit like "You're my cousin. That's convenient. Let's get on to the next scene." Maybe it's just me but if it was live action I think you'd find the scene a bit unconvincing and/or badly acted. Oh, and at least she's a lot more wrapped up in the bedsheets this time round!

Anyway, not long for the proper release now :)


Kandou Erik said...

Not related to the DVD Movie - but I recently had a cool Supergirl issue come my way.

I got a grab bag, featuring 10 issue #1 issues, for only $7. And guess what was included? The Supergirl #1 varient, showing Batman (in the Gotham Harbor) finding Supergirl, ala the classic Supergirl first appearence.

It not that valuable, but it does sell on MileHighComics for $7. I just thought it was a pretty cool thing to end up getting!

valerie21601 said...

This movie sounds very promising. I look forward to seeing it eventually.

Anonymous said...

The animation looks good...

Now if only they could do that treatment to Linda Danvers.

C'mon we're waiting DC... and you know it.



Anj said...

I don't know the usual spots, so I am waiting to see it when it gets released. But the more I see of it, the more pumped I am becoming.

The animation looks top notch.

TalOs said...

Did they manage to capture Turner's art style or what! WOW!!! O_0