Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Supergirl Bits

Lots of Supergirl stuff is floating out there! I love busy news weeks!

Here are some quick links worth checking out!

Over on SLG comics, there is a great interview with Cosmic Adventures writer Landry Walker.

Here is the link:

The interview is about an hour and covers all of Walker's works but a fair amount is dedicated to Supergirl. A couple of things to listen for:

1) Blog friend Gene asks the first question, asking if there will be a sequel to Cosmic Adventures. The answer is neither yes or no. Sounds like there is mutual interest between DC and Walker but the numbers need to match up.

2) Walker says his dream project would be Cosmic Adventures in the Ninth Grade!

3) As a fan of Tron, I loved listening to that portion of the interview.

Over on his blog, Jamal Igle posts a sneak preview page from Supergirl #50. Here is the link:

What do you think Kara is holding in the third panel? Piece of insect exoskeleton? Device to track Lana?

And is that Gangbuster? Really?

Even more pages are available at Newsarama. Here is that link:

Looks like we are going to see more of Superwoman! Looks very good.

Over on Matt Camp's blog, he announces that he is indeed the guest artist on Supergirl #52 while Jamal Igle works on War of the Supermen. Here is the link:

I'm pretty pumped. I think Camp's stuff has been outstanding.

And lastly, here is a link to one of the most exhaustively researched Supergirl post that I have had the honor to read. This is really spectacular as the writer lays out the timelines of all Supergirls. Very very impressive. Here is the link:

I love busy news weeks!


Martin Gray said...

Thanks for all the info - cannot wait to read that long article!

TalOs said...

All this on top of this weeks due out official DC May solicitations pertaining to Supergirl and family just has me floating on cloud 9! BD