Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back Issue Box: Legion Of Super-Heroes #302

I figured enough time had passed between Legion posts that I could resume my review of Supergirl in the Levitz years of the LSH.

These issues were really when Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen were hitting their stride.

Earlier posts from the run saw Supergirl and Brainiac 5 as well as other Legionnaires investigating an incident in space on Weber's World. Their Legion cruiser was destroyed by Science Police weapons at the behest of Officer Tsauron. With no cruiser around, the Legion decides to look around.

As I stated before, I love how Giffen drew Supergirl in these issues. He really had a nice version of the 'hot pants' costume.

Throughout this story, Brainiac seems sort of distracted by Supergirl's mere presence. I don't think he is irritated at her question here.

The mystery behind the Science Police attack deepens a bit as Supergirl and Brainy stroll together. Brainy clearly doesn't trust Tsauron or his evasive answers to the Legion's questions.

Little do the two know that they are being watched by the Emerald Eye of Ekron. It seems the Emerald Empress, acting solo here without the other members of the Fatal Five, is attempting a little takeover of the Weber's World. And Tsauron is in on the action.

The traitorous Tsauron leads them down an alley and douses the lights.

Leaving the whole group of Legionnaires open for an attack by the Eye, an attack that even subdues Supergirl.

This storyline is a small part of the issue so not much happens. I do love the art here. And I love the quiet moments between Supergirl and Brainy as the walk together. This story and the action picks up next issue ... trust me.

As for Tsauron, the question of his true loyalties would be revisited down the line in later issues. Indeed, Supergirl plays a big role in the 'Trial of Tsauron' of Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes ... issues I will eventually cover as we approach Supergirl #52's release.

As for the rest of the issue, it shows Levitz at his strongest as he not just world-builds this comic, he universe builds.

I loved how during this issue he discusses the UP's efforts to terra-form Daxam which had been carved into a monument for Darkseid during the Great Darkness Saga. To devote time to this (and it's effect on Mon-El) is admirable as it could have been dealt with much easier as a passing comment saying the planet had been returned to normal. By giving this topic some time it reinforced just what a cataclysmic event this was for the 30th century, something that shook it violently.

But the bulk of the issue is actually devoted to Lightning Lord's attempt to reunite with Light Lass who had quit the Legion at the end of Darkness. Mekt's efforts to find Ayla had him run into, battle and defeat several Legionnaires. This issue really showed how powerful the Lightning Lord was.

In the end he is defeated by Lightning Lad (with some help from Saturn Girl). I loved how Giffen created this 'lightning effect' around the brothers as they battled, sparks flying everywhere. This isn't the last time Lightning Lord tries to lure his sister to the dark path. He actually kidnaps her and threatens her with telepathic rewiring in the early issues of the Baxter Legion of Superheroes.

Anyways, this is a very nice issue of Legion with some Supergirl moments. I am partial to this time of the Legion's history so these issues always will get high grades. Certainly this isn't crucial to a Supergirl collection.

Overall grade: B+

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TalOs said...

Man how I loved that scene of Supergirl and Brainy just walking down the hall oblivious to the fact that the Emerald Eye of Ekron has been watching 'em from a far.

Y'know, I've always wondered exactly what the Eye was made from and upon reading this issue at the time (growing up in the '80's) and seeing how easily it managed to take out Supergirl herself I was actually convinced that the Eye was surprisingly this old sentient Kryptonite weapon dating back from some time in the 20th Century that somehow landed in the hands of the Empresess come the 30th.