Friday, February 5, 2010

Bits Of Supergirl Business

A lot of small nuggets of news slipped out this week. So figured I would do some rapid fire bullet points.

1) Jamal Igle's blog got hacked into forcing him to set up a new blog. Here is the new link:

Everyone update their favorites, bookmarks, and blog rolls.

He kicked off the new blog with a bang posting this panel from the upcoming Supergirl #50. Supergirl looks pretty ticked off. I am trying to figure out what exactly is behind her ... giant insect leg? It'll be good to see Igle back on the main title.

2) The cover for Cry For Justice #7 was posted over on the DC Source blog. Here is the link:

As usual, it's a beautiful piece.

Supergirl is small but central. I love the classic heroic pose here.

The art has been stunning in this series. The plot and dialogue has been wooden in some places. I am looking forward to reading the end of this story .... I think.

3) Supergirl pinch hit artist extraordinaire Matt Camp announced his next work over on his blog:

Looks like he'll be doing a Clark Kent story with Ben McCool in the Superman 80pg Giant coming out next month. I was on the fence about picking this issue up. But now I'm in.

I hope we see Camp named the regular 'fill-in' artist on Supergirl.


Kandou Erik said...

I'm not trusting those 80-Page giant DC is doing anymore, not after how ripped off I felt after getting the JSA's "make no sense-a-thon" 80 page comic.

anthonyriva said...

I love the cover to Cry For Justice... but, as usual, no Batwoman. One of the main reasons why I was looking forward to this series (aside from SG) was seeing Batwoman interact with more DC characters.

Martin Gray said...

I love that Superman 80pp Giant cover logo treatment, very old school.

And Anthony, did you read the text piece by James Robinson in the latest Cry For Justice, about why Batwoman isn't really around?

TalOs said...

Man the Superman 80 page giant had better be money well worth spent unlike that JSA Annual #2's own as Kandou Erick said.

Martin Gray said...

OK, apologies for plugging my blog again, but I had a theory about why that JSA giant was so weird. You need only read the final two pars, honest: