Monday, February 1, 2010

Crisis On Earth Blog: The DC Challenge

Welcome to Supergirl Comic Box Commentary's part of the Crisis on Earth Blog: DC Challenge.

This is a blog crossover event where character specific comics blogs will post trivia questions based on the character they cover. In my instance, no big surprise, I will be asking a Supergirl question. With each blog you visit you will get a piece to a huge multi-character picture drawn by George Perez as seen above. The right answer will also link you to other super-hero blogs and the next question and so on. Eventually you will reach a site where you will have the whole giant picture available!

For those visiting here for the first time because of this crossover, welcome!

Here at Supergirl Comic Box Commentary I try to discuss all things Supergirl: the current series, back issues, multimedia appearances, as well as posting commissions I obtain. As Supergirl is part of the Superman family, I cover and review Superman news as well. I hope you enjoy your stay and come back.

As for this DC Challenge cross-over, I am a mere cog in this machinery and I applaud blog friend Frank Lee Delano for setting this up and getting new readers to look at new blogs. On to my question:

At one point in the Silver Age, Supergirl tried to find Superman a suitable mate. After a few botched attempts, she discovers a super woman on the planet Staryl who is perfect for the Man of Steel. Looking like an adult Kara, super-powerful, and graceful, this heroine swept Superman off his feet. Indeed, he immediately fell in love with her. Unfortunately he has no powers under her world's orange sun and yellow sun rays are deadly to her. They cannot easily be together. Realizing the universe needs them as heroes, they decided their love was not meant to be.

What was the name of this Superwoman?

Good luck and thanks for looking!


Unknown said...

I have that comic!

Don't remember the name exactly but Luma Lynai sounds familiar.

kinda of strange that she was drawn as an adult Kara...

TalOs said...

It's gotta be option c if memory serves me correctly. :)