Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bullet Reviews: Outsiders #27 And Tiny Titans #25

A couple of quick reviews:

Outsiders #27 was the second issue of the Dan Didio/Philip Tan creative team and just 2 issues in Tan is out and Don Kramer is handling art.

As I said last month, I have never collected an Outsiders title so I am flying blind a bit. The main theme of this book seems to be Geo-Force's near insanity and how it is effecting the team.

I picked up the title because the Eradicator is in it and he seems to be helping drive the wedge between Geo-Force and the rest of the team. Here, he has the King's ear telling Brion to basically throw Black Lightning out.

This Eradicator is a 'copy' of the original, sent to Markovia as an ambassador. There hasn't been a sniff of this guy in any of the super-titles so I am fairly suspicious. Exactly who or what is he? And what are his motivations.

Regardless, he reinforces Geo-Force's thoughts that he needs to run the team like a dictator. Only Katana seems to fall into line while everyone else seems concerned.

Later on, during a battle with the Masters of Disaster, Geo-Force uses extreme force and seems intent on injuring Owl-Man as much as the villains. (Owl-Man was vocal against Geo-Force earlier and seems to be vying with Brion for Katana's love.)

To stop the rampage, Black Lightning blasts Geo-Force. Suddenly it looks like a free-for-all rather than a heroes vs. villain battle.

I thought this issue was a bit better than last. The problem is I have never really cared enough about Geo-Force to read a book revolving around his psychoses. Don Kramer's style was fine but I preferred Tan's frenetic stylized look more. I'll stick around for a little bit more. But unless there is a hook to keep me, I think this will be a short run for me.

Overall grade: C

Tiny Titans #25 introduced the character of Superboy into the book and poked fun at Blackest Night. No big surprise that those were the targets of the fun given Geoff Johns is listed as co-writer with usual creative team Franco and Art Baltazar.

You need to roll a bit with the roster here as it is an amalgam of all versions of Titans. So it is inferred that Robin is Dick Grayson; we have seen both Wonder Girls, etc.

One thing I have liked about the book is the inclusion of some of the more ridiculous parts of the Superman mythos specifically the super-pets. I can't get enough Streaky and Comet. I also love how Supergirl is always floating.

The darker side of the DCU is pretty much glossed over in this book. So Conner was simply 'away'. Older readers know he was beaten to death by Superboy Prime but the supergirls at home don't need those details at their tender age.

The first half of the book covers Superboy joining the Titans and the arrival of his Bizarro-like close Match.

The second half has the girl Titans each getting a Lantern Corps ring. It is funny to see who got what. Terra as a Red Lantern makes perfect sense. Duela Dent as a Yellow Lantern is inspired. But Starfire really needed to be the Violet Lantern.

This is such a silly book for kids and grown up fans. And one thing I like is that it is an easy way to begin covering some bigger concepts of the DCU in an innocuous way. The supergirls at home didn't know about this Superboy so it was an easy way to talk about him with them.

I never know how to grade this book. But Terra as a Red Lantern alone is worthy of a high mark.

Overall grade: A


Martin Gray said...

Thanks for reviewing Outsiders especially. Having dropped it after the first Didio issue last month, it sounds as if I made the correct decision. Katana suddenly has admirers? The world's gone MAD!

And no Tan at all this month?

Ah, bit by bit you're helping me see why your family likes the Tinys. At the very least, I'm glad it's there.

TalOs said...

Hmm I don't buy that the Eradicator is supposed to be this exact clone of the original sent from New Krypton who apparently just happens to retain all of his predecesors Earth memories (including his time as an Outsider) for just why would Kryptonian scientists choose to include his Earthly memories given their xenophobic like attitudes come anything Earth related? I think he's actually the original who awoke from his coma (sp?) around the time that 100,000 Kryptonians first appeared on Earth who Superman is using as his undercover informat to keep an eye on both worlds governments to try to prevent a war breaking out between the 2 worlds.

Tiny Titans penned by Geoff this time around introducing Superboy (and Match) to the title was just a really adorable and fun issue. Heh. :-)

Unknown said...

I almost always browse through Tiny Titans. If I had a youngster at home, I would definitely be bringing this home to them. I really like how the writers toss in things that the grownups will appreciate!

Anj said...

Katana suddenly has admirers? The world's gone MAD!

As someone new to the book, I was not as floored as you are. Interesting.

And no Tan at all this month?

Outside of the cover, no Tan.

Ah, bit by bit you're helping me see why your family likes the Tinys. At the very least, I'm glad it's there.

I look at it like an entry drug for the DCU. Hee hee.

Anj said...

I really like how the writers toss in things that the grownups will appreciate!

Thanks for the post.

I love the grown up stuff as well. It makes it a bit more fun for me as I read the book to the supergirls at home.

Martin Gray said...

It is weird that Philip Tan is hyped for months as the new Outsiders artist, then disappears after not managing even a single issue. I like Don Kramer - to me, he's more than a fake Tan - but not enough to buy this book until . . . Lord, what WOULD get me buying again?