Sunday, November 15, 2009

Laura Vandervoort On 'Attack Of The Show'

Laura Vandervoort was on G4's Attack of the Show this week. Here is the link to that segment:

It is a brief interview and focuses mostly about her character on her new show 'V'.

She does, however, talk about Supergirl and Smallville briefly. I always worry that I am reading into things but the tone of her voice sounds like she liked the character and the show. One thing I am not overcalling is her hope that she appears on the show again. She says that outright ... in fact hoping that she will be on the show the series ends.

I have talked about Smallville's treatment of Supergirl in the past. It seemed like they had a hard time writing Kara as a pro-active hero while appearing next to the sullen and slow-to-act main character Clark.

That said, on the show when she wasn't suffering from amnesia or being duped by Luthor, when she was written as a hero, I thought Vandervoort was pretty solid as Supergirl. I also hope she gets brought back again for a final resolution to the Argo/Kandor storyline they hinted at in her last appearance.


Saranga said...

I *loved* her Supergirl. The episode where she arrives is one of the best of Smallville, and her outfits worked really well as a modern supergirl dressed in normal clothes way.
I really hope they bring her back.

Gene said...

I agree, as long as the writers on Smallville give her something worthwhile to work with.

Better start baking those cupcakes... ;) :P

Jason said...

I agree they should bring her back just for a final resolution on her search for Kandor. Having her fly out into space and never coming back honestly isn't any better of a resolution than if they had simply left her in the phantom zone. Her episode from last season was the highest rated one for crying out loud. How does that not factor into things with the producers?

Surely it would also make sense to the producers to bring her back since this season is focusing heavily on Clark's Kryptonian heritage and all the Kryptonians from Kandor. I think they could've used the "Kandor" episode from this season as a good device to feature her in the new "flashback" scenes since she stated in Season 7 that's where her family lived.

With that said, I also agree with the sentiment that I only want her brought back if she is given good material to work with. I agree that the writers seemed to have a hard time with her in Season 7 since her abilities always seemed to eclipse Clark's lack thereof. She was indeed given some good moments when she wasn't being duped by Luthor or suffering amnesia.

Just from a practical standpoint, I don't see why the producers wouldn't want to milk the opportunity of her being in Vancouver to bring her back for an episode or two. I guess we'll have to wait and see if they decide to to do that.

TalOs said...

You can definitely count me as yet another who'd just love to see Laura back on Smallville even if it's to wrap up her search for Kandor. I'd really love it even more if Kara was able to wear her house of El S-Shield in her return to boot! :D

Argocitycub said...

But there is no Kandor,it was blown up by an atom bomb on Smallville ,so that means Argo is her home place.

Anj said...

I agree with everybody. When she was written right on that show, she really shined. But she needed to be put in a position where Clark remained the 'hero'.

I would only want her back if she was written correctly. And I would love to see her in something more like her Supergirl costume as well.

Anonymous said...

In which case, let it go, the show-runners clearly hate the character. Laura VdV sounds a bit wistful about the whole situation, but Smallville is a badly written show indifferently acted (frankly I have a hat rack that could out act Tom Welling) that is nonetheless popular & profitable. Under those circumstances they have no incentive to do right by Kara or Laura VdV or Us.
John Feer

Aplayfulsoul said...

I loved Kara on the show. I had stopped watching the show until she got there. She was awesome.

I think she deserves to be back and deserves her own spinoff...maybe settled in another planet so it won't be just Smallville 2.0.