Friday, November 27, 2009

February Solicits

It has been a couple of weeks since the February 2009 DC comics solicits were posted on Newsarama. Here is the link:

This looks like it will be an exciting month for DC comics in general as we are approaching the end of Blackest Night. In fact, a number of covers for the month have not been unveiled most likely secondary to spoiler concerns.

Still, there are a lot of interesting non-Blackest Night solicits worth reviewing.

On Sale February 17 • 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US

Written by Sterling Gates, Helen Slater & Jake Black • Art by Jamal Igle, Jon Sibal & Fernando Dagnino • Cover by Michael Turner • Variant cover by Joshua Middleton

Special celebratory 50th issue! Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle reunite to tell an epic, oversized battle royale between the Girl of Steel and a mysterious, diabolical new foe! Still reeling from last issue’s harrowing events, Supergirl is put to the test when she uncovers a terrible secret about her friend and confidant, Lana Lang.

Plus! A look into a day in the life of the Girl of Steel written by Jake Black and Supergirl herself, actress Helen Slater!

Featuring a cover by the man who redefined Supergirl for the 21st century, Michael Turner, SUPERGIRL #50 is an extra-sized extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

I've already talked at length about how excited I am for Supergirl #50. I am pretty happy that DC is doing so much to promote this issue.

I really can't wait to see who the new villain is that Kara will be fighting in this issue. And I hope that we will get a sneak peek at some point of the Joshua Middleton variant cover.


On Sale February 3 • 12 of 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by Greg Rucka & James Robinson • Art by Pete Woods & Ron Randall • Cover by Gary Frank • Variant cover by Ladrönn

Now that the conspiracy involving New Krypton’s council has been brought to light, can Superman keep his people from tearing each other apart? And what does a skull-shaped ship flying towards New Krypton mean?

Well this certainly sounds interesting.

First off, the cover of this issue is such a wonderful contrast to the earlier covers where a smiling Superman was waving the Kryptonian flag proudly. Here we see him standing amid a disaster. Storm clouds, spy drones, a torn flag ... this doesn't look like a happy place to be.

On top of that we hear that indeed there is a conspiracy in the leading council. And it also sounds like Brainiac is on the way to reclaim the knowledge that he lost.

Somehow this all has to lead into the presumed Earth/New Krypton war that we have been told is going to happen. I do wonder exactly what the state New Krypton will be at the end of this issue. Will Superman have left the planet to return to Earth? Will we have resolution to all of the subplots that have been occurring in this title? Or are we going to see this storyline continue with in the Superman books for the foreseeable future?


On Sale February 24 • 5 of 6 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and cover by Gary Frank & Jon Sibal

Superman versus Metallo – for the first time! Witness the origin of one of Superman’s most-feared foes, as an attack by Lex Luthor goes awry and gives birth to the evil of Metallo. Can an inexperienced Man of Steel handle a foe with a heart of Kryptonite? Meanwhile, Lois Lane and Perry White are close to revealing Luthor as the monster that he is – but are they willing to pay for that truth with their lives?

I certainly have been enjoying Superman secret origin as a miniseries. And while the first two issues have been squarely located in Smallville, it is clear we are approaching the present day with this issue.

Here we see Lex Luthor, Metallo, and the Parasite all in Metropolis. Gary Frank's interpretation of the Parasite and Metallo just look fantastic. But the real villain here of course is Luthor. It will be interesting to see exactly what happens to Perry and Lois as they dig around in his past.

I also wonder exactly where this miniseries is going to end in Superman's timeline. Is this going to bring us to his first year of adventuring in Metropolis or drop us off somewhere else. Regardless, I think this is going to be a very worthy origin story that will stand the test of time.


On Sale February 10 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Written by Greg Rucka & Eric Trautmann • co-feature written by James Robinson & James Rucka • Art by Pere Pérez • co-feature art by CAFU • cover by CAFU

Nightwing and Flamebird race the clock to capture Jax-Ur, the most dangerous of Zod’s sleeper agents. And in the Captain Atom co-feature, our hero explores the horrors of his past with the help of Mon-El and Starfire!

Here we are in November and in the last issue of Action Comics, Nightwing and Flamebird are about to find Jax-Ur.

And now in this February solicit, we see they are still fighting him. My guess is his true nature is not revealed in the current plot line and that he is uncovered later on.

I don't think any of us thought that Nightwing was going to die of old age so seeing him on a future cover doesn't necessarily count as a spoiler.

My guess is that Jax-Ur is the last sleeper agent to be found. In essence, this will end the Flamebird and Nightwing story line setting up a return of Superman to this title now that World of New Krypton has ended.

In some ways I'm going to be glad to see Superman returning to this book. But I do think that the Thara/Chris relationship provided good stories in that Action Comics maintained high quality in this year without Superman. So in some ways I'm going to be sad to see them leaving the book.


On Sale February 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Written by James Robinson • Art by Bernard Chang • Cover by CAFU

“Man of Valor” Part 4! With the Legion of Super-Hero members in the 21st century now revealed to Mon-El, the Man of Valor learns of a greater destiny he and Superboy share; one that ties directly in to the fate of New Krypton and Kal-El!

With Kon-El now vacating Adventure Comics, I am glad to see that his story has not been completely shelved. I would still have preferred his story to continue under the Johns/Manapul team.

I am glad that this Legion story which has been percolating through the Superman title is finally getting some up front time. We have seen Tellus, Sensor Girl, and Element Lad in the 21st century and I am sure I am forgetting some others that have been shown to be here. I also think that there is some Mirabai/Mordru connection.

Still, if this Year Without Superman is winding down I hope that the many Superman title plot lines begin to coalesce.


On Sale February 24 • 7 of 7 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Written by James Robinson • Art and cover by Mauro Cascioli

This is the big one! After the catastrophes seen in issues #5 and #6, a hero loses control, leading to an unexpected ending that will fundamentally change the lives of the World’s Greatest Heroes forever. This issue launches a major storyline in the DC Universe and is not to be missed!

After all of the delays ... both starting the series and between issues ... it's hard to believe this series is going to be over.

Robinson and Didio have said that this series will definitely impact the DCU as a whole and this solicit seems to hammer home the point. And now a blacked out cover and a 'hero losing control'. Any guesses who will be shown on the cover?


On Sale February 10 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US
Written by Tony Bedard • Art by Travis Moore • Covers by Francis Manapul


I just don't know how long I am going to stay with this title. I like Tony Bedard. But Superboy Prime sort of annoys me. And now he is a Black Lantern. Yeesh!

I probably will stay with the title because I am a Legion guy and look forward to see what Paul Levitz does. But I don't know if my reviews will continue.


Kara Zor-El can’t resist smiling at herself when she finds this side-view mirror on the streets of Metropolis.

Sure to be just as popular as the sold-out, original Ame-Comi version of Superman’s cousin, Supergirl (V.2) is a non-articulated PVC statue, standing approximately 8.75” tall, including a base and packaged in a 4-color window box with J-hook.

And now an unexpected surprise.

I haven't been a big fan of the Ame-Comi line of statues. I didn't like the first Supergirl statue they put out. And many of them seem outright creepy. (The Wonder Girl one, for example, gave me a cringe.)

In comparison to some of the earlier Ame-Comi statues, this Supergirl one is downright modest. Sure, it is a micro-mini and my guess is seen from behind there will be some 'fan service'. But she is more covered and less racy than most of this line. I still don't think I am going to get it for the shrine.

Anyways, February seems like it is going to be a good month! I can't wait for Supergirl #50.


Saranga said...

re cry for justice, i think that's a quiver on the guys back, so my guess is something happens to Ollie.

Re the Supergril statue, altho I won't buy it, (a little too breasty for me), I do like her costume and the pose. It's much better than the first one.

Unknown said...

At least this statue is closer to the costume. Funny about the bare soulders, I recently drew some 'supergirl twins' from SB:Generations. I already did my own version of them but haven't post the image.

Gene said...

Anj wrote:
"I really can't wait to see who the new villain is that Kara will be fighting in this issue."

My money is on a DCU version of Madame Selena.

Unknown said...

I honestly hope it won't be a 'made for supergirl' villain like Reactron with his kriptonite weapons. Magic is also as convinient as kriptonite so I hope they make a good villain that challenges her in other ways.

Anj said...

Re the Supergril statue, altho I won't buy it, (a little too breasty for me), I do like her costume and the pose. It's much better than the first one.

Agreed. Much better than the first ... but not good enough to buy.

Anj said...

My money is on a DCU version of Madame Selena.

Interesting idea given Sterling Gates' love for the movie.

TalOs said...

Here's another who really hopes it turns out to be Selena. ;)