Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More thoughts about Justice League: Cry For Justice And Some Upcoming Covers

I enjoyed Justice League:Cry For Justice #1 but the praise for the mini-series hasn't been universal. In fact many online reviews have been negative. I can completely understand the concerns that people have over the characterization of the heroes here. They all might be yelling 'Justice' but they are acting more like they should be yelling 'Revenge'.

And I concur that this will make the portrayal of Kara that much more important to scrutinize. The current Supergirl seems to be moving away from this mode of justice and striving to be a better hero. I hope James Robinson won't derail Sterling Gates current characterization.

The above image is the cover for Cry For Justice #3. Here is the solicit information.

The team welcomes two new members as Supergirl and Shazam join the roster! And it's just in time, too, because when Prometheus is finally caught and his evil machinations are revealed, the League finds out they may be unable to stop him.

One thing that seems to be lauded more universally is Mauro Cascioli's art.

Of course the image of Supergirl on the cover with the Cable-esque one glowing eye makes me worry that Supergirl will veer a bit towards the dark side.

The Source released the cover for Cry For Justice #4 a while ago. Here is the link:

Boy, Starman and Congorilla still seem pretty irked.

Here is the close-up of Supergirl, tucked in the background. Unfortunately, this is a more passive position than any of the other characters on the cover.

My guess .... my hope is that, in the end, the story comes around to show the futility of revenge and how it does not equal justice.


Anonymous said...

She hasn't gotten over her super-schoolgirl crush on Green Lantern, that is why she joins up.

I KID...because I love...
I kid!

John Feer

Saranga said...

I'm not sure that's Kara in a passive pose. She looks to me like she's just noticed something happening in the distance, maybe a new threat? To me, that's not too different to the other guys poses, except they are more about their weapons and focused on the foreground. Kara doesn't need a weapon and has great eyesight.

Anonymous said...

Y'know it would be interesting for Kara to be the "voice of reason" in any revenge-risky enterprise. The problem is, you don't want to make her sound like Kal El...but if done right it could broaden her character a bit.

John Feer

TalOs said...

God I love that cover! WOW! BD

I take back what I said about wanting Kara to take an 'eye for an eye' approach come this title and think rather then seek out "justice" (revenge really) for the death of her father Supergirl should instead turn over both Reactron and Sam Lane to the proper authorities now.