Monday, July 6, 2009

Belinda Zee Design

As thoroughly great as Cosmic Adventures was my favorite parts were the Belinda Zee moments. She was just so wonderfully malicious. She seemed conflicted ... like she had both a superiority and inferiority complex. She had some of the funniest moments in the book. She embraced chaos and often aimed her anger in Kara's direction. I think Kara was an easy target; Belinda clearly hated all Supergirl represented but was jealous of it at the same time. That is just a great stew of a character.

Suffice it to say that I was thrilled that the Belinda Zee concept art was posted on Landry Walker's blog ( ).

Here is some of what Walker says about Belinda:

The design of Belinda was partially inspired by Archie Comics character, Veronica Lodge. A little of her temperament springs from this source as well. Belinda is a fun character to write. She's not exactly evil, and she certainly isn't good. Her emotional state of being is on a hair trigger. Essentially, she's an agent of chaos. Chaotic neutral, if I must let my roots as a D&D geek show.

The Veronica Lodge reference is so clear now that you say it. In my mind, I thought she was based on Serena, the black-haired mischievous cousin of Bewitched protagonist Samantha Stevens.

And as a fellow D&D geek, chaotic neutral perfectly sums up Belinda. To share my own D&D geek roots, I always play chaotic neutral characters as they can usually have the most fun. So whether it be the Drow cleric raised by good humans and struggling to be good or the pessimistic ex-wererat turned bounty hunter using a demonic sword, my guys have learned to use all CN has to offer.

The images here of her as Superiorgirl are Eric's original take on the concept. But I was looking more for the mirror image feel, so we switched to classic Bizarro look, with the mask. The mask was specifically inspired by the Silver Age appearance of an evil Superman, who was indistinguishable from the good version, except for his domino mask.

Hmmm, anyone know reference issue for the evil masked Superman?

I see that the original Superiorgirl shirt was used as the Stanhope cheerleader sweater design.

I hope that if a sequel happens that we see more Belinda Zee.


Anonymous said...

Sigh...I'd pay GOOD MONEY at this point to see "Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade" adapted as a straight to DVD animated feature.
ANYTHING to keep the ball rolling here...anything!

John Feer

TalOs said...


*Chuckles* Man I'll never forget the comical cat fight Belinda and Streaky ended up in! LMAO!!! *Wipes tear away from eye*

Gene said...

I second John's suggestion for an animated DVD, and include one for action figures. I would love to see DC Direct do a three pack with Kara, Belinda, and Lena.

I really like that sketch of Belinda on the right side of the second sheet. Those eyes of hers tell you that she is not to be triffled with...

Anj said...

Thanks everyone for the posts.

I would love a DVD.

I would really love action figures!