Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Supergirl Tonner Dolls In 2009

We are only 2 weeks away from the release of DC Direct's Deluxe 1:6 Supergirl doll with Streaky accessory. I have already put down a sizeable down payment at my local comic book store and look forward to adding that figure to the shrine later this month.

I have talked about Tonner Dolls DC Stars collection before when they announced their SDCC 2008 exclusives. Here is the website link: .

Tonner dolls seem to be aimed more for the hard core doll collector rather than comics fans who occasionally branch into the toy market. For those out there who crossover into both the comic and doll world, Tonner has announced their 2009 collection. Just like last year, Supergirl is featured.

Here is their Deluxe Supergirl character figure which looks like it is limited to 1000 and costs 'only' $199.99. Tonner's description is as follows.

Classic red and blue bodysuit with printed signature emblem and mini-skirt with 'gold' belt; includes matching zip-up faux leather boots, pantyhose, lustrous cape and display stand.

It is an interesting doll from a Supergirl point for view for a couple of reasons. It is based on the current Michael Turner costume. But a red skirt? And gold laced boots with big heels? Seems like the Tonner company took some liberties with the outfit. My guess is that the more detail oriented the figure, the more minutiae that is added, the more desirable it is to the doll efficianado. So adding actual laces to the boots probably upgrades the 'strength' of the collectible. The face and hair on the doll do seem quite lovely. But this is not going to find it's way in my collection.

And Tonner does variant dolls too! This 'Kara of Krypton' figure was part of Tonner's Women of Power series announced in late 2008. This one is exclusive to and is limited edition of 200. It's cost is a mere $159.99.

This could be any blonde (more platinum) tressed doll in a genie outfit. Although there is no description on the web site, I have read elsewhere the gold clasp of the top piece is the S-shield. I guess that makes this a Kara doll.

Certainly, I don't know any appearance in comics of this outfit.
For completeness sake, here is the standard DCStars Supergirl doll available for $124.99. Of course this is a Matrix-style uniform so this one is more appealing to me although still outside of my price range. I do like that the boots have no heels.

Here is the SDCC exclusive, limited to 200. This is called the Supergirl Phantom Zone variant and cost $139.99. Again, some fancy and intricate boots here.

And outfits are available too. Here is the Kryptonian Silver Casual outfit, retailing at $89.99.

If anyone out there is more of a doll collector, I do suggest you take a peek. There are some very nice figures available including some standout Wonder Woman dolls. I also thought they did fine renditions of Black Canary, Poison Ivy, and Hawkgirl.


Saranga said...

The current Kara one is beautiful. But far too expensive for me. The face is wonderful.
Maybe I could sell a kidney?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the 09 Deluxe Supergirl character figure actually looks pretty awright but if Tonner had modified it's character design concept that tad wee bit more I think it could be a real winner.

On another note, er, is it just me or are these Supergirls starting to morph more and more in to She-Ra: Princess of Power there?? :/

Anj said...

The current Kara one is beautiful. But far too expensive for me. The face is wonderful.
Maybe I could sell a kidney?

Thanks for the post.

I couldn't agree more. That really is the most beautiful Kara doll I have seen.