Monday, December 26, 2016

Mike Maihack Christmas Comic

There was a surprise Christmas gift under the table for everyone late last week when Mike Maihack released a Supergirl/Batgirl Christmas comic.

This year there was an added bonus ... Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

There is a little bit of mirroring in the two relationships. Harley is the happy-go-lucky, super-festive, silly one trying to get Ivy to sprout a smile and get into the holiday mood. And Ivy is all so serious, looking at all the dead plants around her in the form of wreaths and wrapping paper.

We have seen this silly/dour yin/yang back and forth between Kara and Babs in all of Maihack's prior strips. So seeing it played out here was fun and made me hope that we see more interaction between these four in future comics.

Finally, Harley gets Ivy into Christmas. She lets Pamela detonate a bomb in Batgirl's face in the style of a Looney Tunes cartoon. And the delivery mechanism .. a santa-hatted bat ... is brilliant.

But (and I know I am biased) my favorite bit is Kara laughing when Babs gets blasted. It is a funny moment.

So drain the last bit of egg nog and enjoy this treat. And thanks to Mike Maihack for continuing to bring joy to the world.


Anonymous said...

It was funny, but... Kara came across as a bit of a jerk to me. Her best friend has just been blasted and her reaction is laughing at Babs?

Or maybe I'm taking this too seriously?

Anj said...

I thought it was looney toon zaniness, Bugs laughing when Daffy's bill gets turned upside down.
Babs really isn't hurt, it's just silly.

Maybe that's just me!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Bugs isn't nice (although he's usually mean to people who has been mean to him).

Anyway, you may be right. I may be taking cartoon wackiness too seriously. After all, Babs is not hurt. Someone pranked her and Kara laughed a bit. It is not a big deal.

And it's always good to read other Mike's comic.

By the way, I like Harley wears her classic costume (I think her original outfit is iconic and I don't like her modern, Post-Flashpoint costumes).

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Where do these pop up, Anj? Do you join a mailing list?

Anj said...

Maihack tweets them out. But he has a website/blog as well.

He does Cleopatra in Space!

Anonymous said...

Babs is clearly the uptight butt of the joke in almost all of these, its a comic contrast thingie to Supergirl's notorious free spirt.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAH! Poor Babs, she's always the butt of the joke for Mike Maihack's stuff...
Thanks for sharing again, Anj!