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Best Of 2016 - Honorable Mention Supergirl Moments In Comics

Welcome to the first in three Best of 2016 posts focusing on the best comic moments for Supergirl over the last year. I found it hard to stick to just the top 10 moments because there was a lot to love in the comics this year.

I will admit this year opened up a little odd for Supergirl in comics. With her popularity peaking in the non-comic world, 2016 opened up with no comic titled Supergirl on the shelves. The majority of the year, we had to read Supergirl in comics that were on the periphery of DC Continuity. She led the team in JL3001. She fought Nazis in DC Bombshells. She existed in a universe based on the television show in Adventures of Supergirl.

It wasn't until the summer and The Final Days of Superman that we saw Supergirl in the main DCU. But then #Rebirth happened and we got a new Supergirl title. So please read on to see my 'almost the best' comic moments for Supergirl in 2016!

Honorable Mention #4 - Women on the Internet (Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 4)

In the Adventures of Supergirl comic book, writer Sterling Gates had Kara/Supergirl facing all sorts of dangers and crises. One of them was Vril Dox, a computer-hacking lech who trolls women in the creepiest of manners. Here, Vril has framed Winn to make it look like Winn has doxxed someone.

Here, Kara comments how being a woman on the internet opens you up to danger and threats. I love the stern look on Kara's face in that last panel. Great art by Jonboy Meyer. I wonder if she has suffered some harassment herself.

I loved that Gates inserted this real life issue into the book. 

Honorable Mention #3 - Eat this Eclipso! (JL3001 #12)

Justice League 3001 was a wildly crazy title, moving a warp speed, tossing in and throwing out any number of plot threads as it sped to an all too early cancellation. But one thing that was constant was Supergirl's determination to see justice done. While she started out in a bit of a naive place (she seemed to be straight out of the Silver Age), she was always stern in her resolve. Writers Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis really wrote a great Kara.

By the end of the book, there was definitely a fiery edge to her. The universe was falling apart. Worlds were subjugated by Lady Styx. Her friends were dying. And she simply didn't have time to suffer fools.

Here she gets sick of hearing Eclipso prattle on with his formulaic super-villain rants. With a great right cross, she tells him to shut up.

Honorable Mention #2 - Birthright (Action Comics #51)

In mid-2015, Supergirl's main title was canceled. The last image was a powerless Supergirl at her hand bleeding after suffering a cut. It was nearly a year until we saw her in a main universe. Luckily, the Superman writers treated the character very well. Finally ... finally ... Superman reached out to Supergirl as a family member. And Supergirl tried her best to help her ailing cousin.

Here in Action Comics #51, Superman has just admitted to Supergirl that he is dying. She will be the last of the house of El. He asks if she will take up his mantle and be the protector of Earth. She wonders at first if that is prudent given how the planet has turned on Superman so easily in The Truth.

But Superman pushes her a bit. He tells her that she is the stone from which ripples of change will spread. I know this is more of a Superman moment than a Supergirl moment. But it is important to know that these two had hardly been warm to each other in the New 52. Having Superman regard her so highly is a great Kara moment by Peter Tomasi and Paul Pelletier.

And finally ...
Honorable Mention #1 - The Danvers Sisters (Adventures of Supergirl Chapter 8)

When I read  Adventures of Supergirl chapter 8 by Sterling Gates and Carmen Carnero, I thought for sure this panel was going to be in the Top Ten.

Here's what I wrote about it then:

Supergirl yelling 'Stop! Stand down all of you!' with Alex toting her rifle in the background is just fantastic. All the right feel here. Supergirl is looking fierce, trying to talk something down before resorting to more violence. Her position is one of shielding. Alex being tough behind her, ready to dive in is perfect.

And everything I said still holds true. From Supergirl's positioning to her expression to the words she is using to Alex being there as backup ... this panel just captured everything that I love about these characters and their relationship on the show. I think this could be a poster.

And those are the four comic moments that almost cracked the Top Ten Best Supergirl Comic Moments of 2016.

Come back tomorrow for that list!

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Anonymous said...

Good choices. My favorite moment of this list is probably Action Comics #51 because that talk was very, very overdue.

I hope we read several similar moments the next year.

I look forward to your next poxt tomorrow, and your "Supergirl Being Super" review.