Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Chicago has always been a friendly place for Supergirl. Linda Danvers called The Windy City home in her 80s title Daring New Adventures of Supergirl.

And thanks to blog friend Wayne Allen Sallee I learned that the Chicago on our Earth also loves Supergirl ... or at least her television show. Wayne sent me the media blitz promoting the show in the el stations of the city.

I can understand why Wayne forwarded these pictures to me. It is an incredible array of promotional images. It seems as though you couldn't look anywhere without seeing the Girl of Steel.

So on the wall you can see a poster reminding people that Supergirl is now on CW. It includes the local station so people in the city know where to turn the dial (I just dated myself with that phrase).

And it is a nice big size.

But wait there's more!

Why settle on one poster?

Here we see a wall plastered with the poster, with a smaller one kind of stuck into the middle. I wonder just how big these are and whether or not one would fit in my house.

And as you walk through the station you see that poster on every flat surface it could be hung.

So these alone would have felt like a nice push for the show.

But wait! There's even more!

She adorned every turnstile as you enter the station.

And she is there on the turnstiles as you exit as well.

So this is amazing.

Perhaps the most impressive thing was this staircase decoration. I can't imagine that every mass transportation station has 7 step walkways so these had to be made specifically for this place.

And that is imprssive.

I mean look at this picture. She is on the steps, the walls on the side of the stairs, the walls above the steps, basically everywhere.


And then just in case you didn't see it there, here are the posters all over this longer staircase.

And as you can't miss her as you leave.

Suffice it to say, I'm floored! (Sorry for bad pun.)

That is an incredible push for the show in a big city mass transportation station. I drive to work so can't comment if the same was seen in Boston. But I'd love to hear from people in other cities if there was as big a push elsewhere.

And thanks again to Wayne for sending these my way! So cool!


garyb said...

Good deal, and thank for the pix.

I suspect that part of it has to do with the recent network change--- not only was Supergirl moving from CBS to CW --- The CW was moving from WGN to WPWR (9/1/16)


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hey, Anj: add my middle name, thanks. I've gone by Wayne Allen Sallee since 1981.

Still trying to find other el stations, but no luck. i'm actually glad they put everything right at Belmont instead of sharing it with whatever movies came out in October. All of the posters are magnetic, even the ones on the wall. I'd love to be there as they get stripped down, no way is it going to be supervised. The long thin ones by the turnstiles would be a treat.

@garyb; I had a heck of a time finding where CW went. WPWR (Chicago's POWER! STATION!) would run the goofiest stuff. A sports game, Hallmark movies, soap operas. Anything to fill a time slot. Even HS softball in the spring. I'm glad CW has a home there, maybe they can use the daytime hours to rerun some shows.

Glad you liked the photos, Anj. It really was like walking into Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is impressive.

I dare believe the Maid of Might is finally getting the respect she has deserved for so long?

After all, it has been announced that Supergirl will show up in the third season of Young Justice.

(I find funny a fan refused to believe this because "Mary Marvel and Miss Martian make Kara redundant". I guess Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman should quit the League, then).

Anj said...

Thanks for comments. Middle name added Wayne, sorry for oversight and thanks again for pics.

And Anon, where did it say Supergirl was going to be in YJ3?

Anonymous said...

Before the announcement of the third season, I read in TVTropes that "Christopher Jones has stated that had the show been renewed for a third season, Supergirl would have appeared." Since TVTropes isn't exactly reliable I looked for a better source but I've been unable to find it.

Anyway, after the announcement of the new season, I read this tweet:

Although now I think about it, the wording is... confusing. Are they reporting who will show up, who they think will show up or who they want to show up?

OH, well. I hope this means the Blonde Blockbuster will make another animated appearance soon.

Anonymous said...

This publicity push warms my heart I like that My Fave Heroine is the key selling point when a network switches local affiliates.

That to me is a sea change from the days when Supergirl was officially banned from the DCU....


Anonymous said...

I think someone at the CTA must be a Supergirl or DC Comics fan with all that love in the subway station.

But here is something bizarre about the Chicago switch from the Superstation of WGN-TV 9 to the weaker WPWR-50; WPWR is owned by Fox TV Stations and is co-owned with WFLD Fox 32, home of Gotham.

WGN went back to being an independent station with a major focus on news and sports. And given the Cubs winning the World Series this year after a 108 year curse and the Blackhawks being one of the NHL's top teams, that move has been a winner.

And to Anj I think you may know a little about baseball curses being broken (yeah, at the expense of my Yankees in 2004...but that's not here nor there!)

And to think Times Square in NYC gave Supergirl a big promo spot for WPIX-11.