Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ian Churchill And Supergirl's Latest Costumes

I was looking over Supergirl (Rebirth) #1 and was struck by Brian Ching's art. Occasionally his art seems to play with perspective and anatomy in an interesting way. At times the arms and legs seem too long or stretched out for the character's frame. It adds a certain feel to the art, as if the characters are moving.

Although their styles are radically different, it reminded me a little of Ian Churchill's take on the character. At times, when Churchill was drawing her, it seemed as if Supergirl's legs were made of taffy, able to be stretched thin.

I was never a fan of all the cheesecake and upskirt shots that permeated Churchill's work on the title but take that away (as hard as that is to do) I think his work is pretty impressive.

While googling away, I recently discovered that Churchill has put out a print of Supergirl in the current television show costume and it is very nice. And it shows how Churchill makes shins a bit too long for reality but in a way that works for the picture. I think this is beautiful.

 And then while still scrolling, I came across this on the Superrobotmayhem sitr:

Churchill did his version of the New 52 costume and frankly this works way better than the actual 52 costume. Gone are the crazy angle of the lower seam and the 'crotch guard'. Instead, we get pants! And an interesting top which is a tunic/skirt/I don't know what to call it.

I haven't seen Churchill's work in a comic since the Supergirl book. Has anyone seen him more recently?


Anonymous said...

He's done a couple of issues of Teen Titans, from issue 15 onwards (where the title is due to get a Rebirth soon).

Churchill always had a certain way of how he draws female characters which tend to share the same characteristics, but I do tend to like his work.

Anonymous said...

The first drawing is beautiful.

I like a lot the second design. It is different, but classy.

I don't really like the 2004 costume. I did't like the short top and the blue skirt. I like when the skirt is red.

On the other hand, I admit that I kind of like the New 52 costume. I understand why other people has a trouble with it, but... it looked alien. And unique. You couldn't get that Supergirl mixed up with other version because the costume is so different.

In any case the Rebirth suit is almost perfect (but I miss the hot pants costume).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing both of those, Anj. The first drawing is GREAT! Wish CW would use it as a basis
for a promo poster. I'd LOVE to see Melissa B in that pose! The 2nd one, "shades of Kryptonian
formalwear" was the first thing that popped into my mind.

Agree though, it would have been interesting if the 2nd was selected as Supergirl's costume for New 52.
The road not travelled...


Anonymous said...

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