Wednesday, September 7, 2016

DC Superhero Girls: Dude, Where's My Invisible Jet

I've talked about the DC Superhero Girls in the past and I have sort of gushed a bit about them. I'm afraid I have to gush a bit more. I promise I'll try to keep my posts about this line when Supergirl is involved. But overall, this line of shorts and toys has just been so much fun.

The last episode made me laugh out loud so I felt I had to review it.

And I will admit that I haven't seen the feature 'Superhero of the Year' so I'd love to hear from people if it is worth seeking out.

The last short was titled 'Dude Where's My Invisible Jet', a nod to the slacker movie title 'Dude, where's my car.'

For me, the best of animated kid shows include some homages or jokes that are aimed for the parents or adults watching. Something as simple as this title, which kids will find amusing without knowing about the movie and parents will recognize, can rope in all generations. But on to the story.

The Trinity of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl are enjoying their smoothies from the Capes and Cowls Cafe when Diana realizes they are going to be late for an event at Themyscira. They can still make it if they jump in the Invisible Jet and fly at top speed. But Diana forgets where she parked it.

There is an amusing few seconds of the girls feeling around the sidewalk trying to find the plain. It is ridiculous.

Supergirl assumes the plane might have been towed and so flies and chases down a tow truck. Shaking the truck, Kara realizes that the plane isn't attached. Sheepishly, a blushing Supergirl apologizes to the driver.

I like how this showed Supergirl's sort of impetuous nature as well as her desire to do whatever she has to do to deliver justice.

The trio can't find the jet so Batgirl calls in the Detective Club to help.

Beast Boy turns into a bloodhound to try and sniff out the plane. To help, he sniffs Diana to get the scent. He can't help himself and gives her a lick on the face.

Sounds like something Gar would do!

Finally Harley Quinn arrives with disappearing ink. She and the girls begin throwing ink all over the place to try and locate the jet. Seconds after landing, the ink disappears so no harm (or vandalizing) done. The whole troop of heroes begin to throw buckets of ink everywhere.

But when that delivery method proves inefficient, Harley, Diana, and Babs put on ink rifles and begin spraying the block.

Look at this reference to Charlie's Angels! Again, another nice nod for the grown-ups watching! Love it!

Eventually the Invisible Jet is found.

But then Diana realizes she doesn't know where her keys are.

Brilliant ending.

Loving this line. Can't wait for more.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Alas, the dangers of transparent vehicles... :)

Maybe Supergirl "borrowed" the keys because she and Babs want to talk Donna into hijacking Diana's plane... :)

And Supergirl vol. 7 finally begins!

Now the writers of the Superman books will maybe stop pretending that Superman is the only Kryptonian. Maybe.

Firebird said...

I got to see a special screening of "Superhero of the Year" back at SDCC and let me tell you, I enjoyed the heck out of that film a thousand times more then when I saw the "Killing Joke" there.

That should tell you how much this film is worth the cost of buying the DVD...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review Anj. And love the little gems that are the shorts... the final punchline
from Wonder Woman about her keys :)

Regarding DC Superhero Girls Hero of the Month, as I posted in yesterday's thread, Supergirl's
time in the show is great! And handled with the care and respect she deserves. Harley Quinn gets
some of the best lines. "I see ya swiping and I raise you a left jab in the kisser," and "Who
wants to play Whack A Shadow?" cracked the heck out of me!