Thursday, September 8, 2016

Boston Comic-Con 2016: Daniel Govar Commission

Boston Comic-Con was only a month ago but it feels like much longer. Life has been a bit crazy since then. It only makes those three days, dedicated to comic nonsense, that much sweeter in my memories.

The last commission I have to share is this unbelievably fabulous watercolor commission by Daniel Govar. Govar is something of a mainstay at the Boston Con and I have always been impressed with his art. His work is incredible.

I already had a commission from him (see below) and I love. But almost immediately after getting the first commission I realized I had made a mistake. I realized I should have got a full color Supergirl from him. And I had the idea that he would be perfect for a 'flame wing' Supergirl. (For those who don't know, when Supergirl was an Earth Angel, she could manifest flame wings.)

I contacted Govar early on (Twitter is a powerful tool) and set up the commission. And on Sunday, I picked up my sketch book and saw this image.

Unreal. Gorgeous.

Everything works here. The wings. The background. The flaming eyes. The hair straight up. The colors of her costume contrasting the fire.

It is just beautiful.

For those who haven't seen it before, here is the Govar commission from a couple of years ago. It is also spectacular but with such a different vibe.

My buddy has Death and Destiny from the Endless by Govar and they are also stunning. He is definitely worth hunting down at a con.

And so ends my review of Boston Comic Con. So happy this con is just up the street.


Martin Gray said...

That is rather amazing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and impressive.