Thursday, February 7, 2013

Superman Unbound Updates

Some more information has been released about the upcoming Superman Unbound movie. Here is a link to

So first off, the release date for the movie is May 7.

Here is the Blu-Ray cover art. I suppose it is a nice action shot of Superman fighting off Braniac tentacles. But it doesn't necessarily convey the story of Brainiac endangering Earth. In fact, I think it might have been better with the actual Brainiac on the cover as opposed to this somewhat cartoony skull ship.

No real info on the extras other than the fact that there will be some included other animated features - probably Brainiac related episodes from Superman:The Animated Series. There will also be a preview of the next movie Justice League Flashpoint.

Yeah, this one looks to be good!

DCE, send me an advance copy and I'll review!!

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Gene said...

May 7th? Wow that's fast.
I'll be curious to see what a two disk DVD set might entail. If it has a cool new Supergirl featurette, then good. If not then I may settle for the single disk set.