Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Adventures Of Superman Digital Comic

Most of the news that came out of the DC offices last week was unsettling. The list of canceled and changed titles gave the appearance of more instability than ever in a place that has never seemed to be on solid ground since the reboot.

But one bit of news brought a smile to my face. DC is creating an 'out of continuity' digital comic called Adventures of Superman. Here is the officical link from IGN:

And here is a blurb:

Debuting on April 29, the first digital chapter of Adventures of Superman will feature a story by  Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston with art by the wonderful Chris Sprouse and Karl Story on inks -- a team that will continue onto the second chapter a week later. The third chapter will be by Jeff Parker and Chris Samnee; this one tells the tale of Superman's first encounter with the menace of arch enemy Lex Luthor.

At first I thought I might need to break down and actually download this thing, but it turns out DC will put them in print form eventually, probably in the vein of Smallville. So, hurray for me and my old-fashioned floppy ways.

But the reason why this made me smile is that this is out of continuity (so no mandatory  New 52 nonsense). And there is an incredible list of tremendous creators linked to this. Above, see Chris Samnee's cover to the first print issue. I have loved Samnee's work on Daredevil and Rocketeer. And Chris Sprouse and Karl Story. And Bruce Timm. And Marcus To. And Michael Avon Oeming. And Jeff Lemire. And more! Unbelievable!

And look ... red tights!

Can't wait for this! 

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