Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Catching Up On Old News

There has been a lot of recent news items which have sort of sneaked by me. I don't know if any of these necessarily need their own post, especially given how old these items are. But they deserve some coverage and so here they all are in rapid fire.

Greg Pak, mostly a Marvel writer, and Jae Lee are coming together for a new Batman/Superman book. This was announced over on USA Today here:

Interesting that this book is Batman/Superman and not Superman/Batman like the old version. And the first arc (at least, maybe more) is set in the past as discussed here:

Bruce Wayne is new to putting on a cape and cowl and patrolling the streets of Gotham City, while Superman — when not in civilian mode as budding journalist Clark Kent — is a recently realized hero to the working class clad in jeans, cape and a spiffy, S-logo T-shirt. 

I like Lee's art. The only thing I read by Pak is World War Hulk which was something of a mess for me. I hear he is a great writer and heard good stuff about his Hercules run. So I will be trying this out.

The end of Superman Family Adventures was discussed with creators Franco and Art Baltazar here:

One of the things I have felt about this book is that the creative team is trying to bring back some of the more classic elements of the Superman mythos. They had stories written through #40!

And here is an interesting quote:
So when we found out that #12 was going to be the last issue, I knew that I had three issues left to say what we wanted to say. It's everything that we wanted to happen in the Superman history."

I said it before. I will say it again. Lois and Clark will marry at the end of this issue!

CBR does a nice interview with Bryan Q. Miller who discusses his Smallville specials and expanding the Smallville universe to include more of the DCU. Here is the link:

This is more about the building of a community of heroes in "Season 11." We did our Batman arc, and we're in the middle of a Flash arc now. The next arc we have coming up will explore some stuff with Booster Gold who we met in Season 10, and we'll have a side story with Martian Manhunter and Batman. It's more about creating the entire world and fleshing that world as presented over the evolution of "Smallville" as a series than it is just being "Smallville: The Comic Book."

But there is more here including the 'evil' Chloe from Earth 2, some Legion hints, and more about the Martian Manhunter. I do like the Martian art above.

Another image from Supergirl from the upcoming Superman:Unbound movie has been released here:

I cannot wait for this movie!!

And ... in a rare example of good taste ... DC has decided to drop the inane WTF promotion! Here is that link:
I applaud this decision. But I am surprised that the original decision to actually name this promotion WTF Certified was made to begin with. There needs to be a 'common sense' person in the rooms at the top of DC.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new interview with the new Supergirl writer on Newsarama yet? It sounds a good bit more promising than what we've seen previously about this writer's plans for Supergirl.

Here's the address:

One can always hope.

Gerry Beritela