Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superman: Unbound Trailer

I occasionally am reminded about the strange karma of the universe, the odd coincidences that occur now and then that make me wonder if there is someone weaving an enigmatic universal tapestry. The day after I read Superman #16, another issue in the H'El on Earth story arc in which Supergirl is treated like a patsy, DCE releases the first trailer for Superman Unbound, the upcoming movie based on Geoff John's and gary Frank's Brainac.

If you are a Supergirl fan, if you want to see some great action from her and be reminded of an arc where she showed courage, strength, and great will, please go to this link and enjoy:!

This movie looks great. And Supergirl is prominently featured throughout this preview. If only she got name dropped somehow!

Here Supergirl starts to tell Superman about Brainiac's attack on Kandor, what he represents to Kryptonian children ( a sort of Boogeyman), and just how terrifying and helpless everyone was.

There is a lot of emotion in the telling but her posture adds volumes. I really love the art style here. Supergirl looks great. And I love that the cousins sport different shades of blue, giving Supergirl a unique take on the classic S-shield blue and reds.

The animation and the art is really solid. We get to see snippets of Brainiac's attack and bottling of Kandor. We even see a young Kara in the crowd.

But that just looks slick.

I thought this was a nice look at the two cousins again as they circle a Brainiac drone. Again, Supergirl looks fantastic here as does Kal.

And there looks to be plenty of action. We see action on Brainiac's satellite. And we see a brawl with Brainiac's drones on Earth. There is a nice sequence where Superman blast a dogpile of robots off himself.

And some nice Kara-tharsis as Supergirl gets up close and personal with one of the drones.

Nice stuff.

And Brainiac himself looks buff and imposing. John Noble is down right creepy voicing him.

Alas, despite being in most of the preview, rolling up her sleeves and fighting, and telling Superman the backstory, Supergirl isn't mentioned in the preview. Indeed, one of the title slides says 'One Superman to save them' ... plus one Supergirl I suppose.

But that is picking nits at this thing. This preview put a smile on this Supergirl fan's face at a time when I really needed it. I can't wait for this movie. We'll finally see a Supergirl fighting alongside Superman to defend the planet ... not fighting Superman and endangering the planet.



Anonymous said...

The character designs look great. It makes me realize once again just how much I miss this version of the character and the period of growth she went through starting with this arc and moving forward into 2011, before being unceremoniously wiped from existence. DC Comics (or should it be "DC Entertainment?") thinks that the New 52 Supergirl is what readers prefer; however, I am sure there are thousands of Supergirl fans out there who will be buying this movie to catch a glimpse of the Super-cousins actually working side-by-side, helping each other, and having an authentic conversation without hostility or fisticuffs. That's the Supergirl I want to read.

Yota said...

I actually don't think I like the artwork... Mostly, I think it's Superman and his ridiculously elongated face and super-pronounced cheekbones. I will say, though, that Kara actually looks like a teenage girl, and her top and skirt are reasonable lengths! Will wonders never cease?

I'm still gonna watch it, but I'll probably be distracted multiple times...

Thanks for the link!

Gene said...

This will be the first WB/DC DTV I will be buying since Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. It would have been nice if it had said "One Superman...and one Supergirl to save them" yet I have a VERY good feeling about this movie. :D

Kandou Erik said...

I can't wait to see John Noble as the voice of Brainiac!

DC seems to be doing their bit, to keep female characters like Supergirl (Carrie, Robin), (Wonder Woman, JLA) in the spotlight, despite DC's Post Wonder Woman movie decree.

Ravenwynd said...

Looking forward to this. Hoping it is better than Superman vs The Elite. Didn't like that one. Really liked Molly Quinn's voice for Kara in that trailer. Combined with her look in this it could be my favorite Kara outside of comics (miss gates and igle supergirl). We'll see. Miss Corey Burton as Brainiac though.