Monday, August 20, 2012

More Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Earlier this month, I posted about Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez' 1982 DC Style Guide. I included some of his Supergirl style sheets and action shots. For those who didn't see them, you can go  here.

Well, I decided to go digging a little more at Garcia-Lopez' pages on the Comic Art Community site and found some stuff worth sharing. Here is the link:

Above is theStyle Guide and there is Supergirl on the back cover.

But Garcia-Lopez also did some of the stock art on DC's licensing pictures as well. These look much more recent that the mid-80s given the outfits as well as the DC 'swoosh' logo. Despite the 'mid-riff' costumes that were Supergirl staples in JLU, the latter part of PAD's run, and the whole Loeb renewal, it seems that DC Licensing material always has Supergirl in a Matrix style red skirt/full shirt.

I love this picture above ... heroic, happy, strong.

There are also lots of pics of the Women Trinity - Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl. Despite decades with different Batgirls with different costumes, it seems the DC Licensing Batgirl is Babs in her more classic costume.

It is a quibble but I am not into Wonder Woman or Batgirl sporting the high heel look.

Here's another more action style pose of that Trinity.

And then this pic showcases the Women of the DCU. It is pure 80's with the head band Supergirl, the red unitard Donna Troy, and that Zatanna outfit I like to forget.

Blog friend Dave Mullen also forwarded me this link showing that Garcia-Lopez stuff is still being used in marketing:

Here are some mini page markers with the pre-DCnU Superman and Wonder Woman outfits as well as the headband Supergirl. Amazing that this stuff is still being made with the 'old school' looks!

Anyways, solid stuff all around and worth sharing!


MOCK! said...

Wow but is that some sweet, sweet art right there. Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez was not someone I appreciated back in the day...but discovering his stuff in my back issues makes me all sorts of happy!

Anj said...

He'll be doing an issue of Worlds' Finest (with Jerry Ordway) coming up soon.

So we'll get to see some internal art by him!

Philip Gipson said...

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez is an artist who seems very underappreciated but very proud of his work.