Saturday, August 25, 2012

Batgirl Adventures #1

One of my goals whenever I head to a comic book convention is to come home with goodies for the supergirls at home. And luckily at ComiCONN, I came across a dealer that had a pretty big chunk of some recent Johnny DC books (and by recent I mean the past 15 yrs or so). While these books usually are in rough condition in the 50cent box, this dealer had them bagged and boarded. In some ways it was good since I could easily thumb and find as many DC books that would interest the girls. In other ways it was bad because the dealer called them 'rare' kids' books and was charging $2 a pop. Still, it is my prerogative to spoil my kids with comics, so they got a nice set of Batgirl related Batman books as well as a bunch of Adventures in the DC Universe.

One of the issues that struck me as a find was this Batgirl Adventures one-shot by Paul Dini and Rick Burchett with this great Bruce Timm cover (more on that later).

Anyways, in the issue, Batgirl has to help Harley Quinn rescue Poison Ivy who has been kidnapped.

So why talk about it here? Well this interaction between Harley and Batgirl is too fantastic and therefore must be shared, playing off the mostly assumed romantic relationship between Harley and Ivy.

Harley moons over Ivy a bit, saying that Ivy gave her a shot so she can't be poisoned whenever they 'play'.

Batgirl sort of pushes Harley a bit about their relationship implying they may be more than friends.

Ivy responds with 'Like what everyone says about you and Supergirl?'

I thought Babs response was funny. I guess she hadn't heard those rumors before.

The rest of the issue is just as fun.

Back to that Bruce Timm cover. The composition of the cover was used by Timm later that year when Superman Adventures #21 became Supergirl Adventures for an issue. It is a perfect complement to the Batgirl cover, showing the similarities of the heroes but highlighting the different approaches. So sun instead of moon, futuristic cityscape as opposed to more classic buildings.

I love that both heroes are smiling brightly, happy to be adventuring.

Look at them side-by-side. You would think that DC would have made mini-statues or bookends or something collectible of these.


Yota said...

Oh, I miss these comics... Haha, I love that her fingers are uncrossed and crossed in the foreground! The best kids' material is the stuff with humour they'll get years later. :P

Gene said...

I have both comics and they are great. The Supergirl issue is rich with Kara-tharis.

Anj said...

Thanks for the comments.

Perfect stuff here.

I haven't reviewed the SG Adventures book here and it a fun romp. Maybe I should do that soon!

MOCK! said...

My nearly 15 year old daughter STILL has the poster of the Batgirl cover hanging in her room!! Never knew it came from an issue....two more to hunt down!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure Kara Zor El would have ever been revived unless Bruce Timm had demonstrated the enduring popularity of the character in the Superman cartoon and later the JLU.
We owe him a great deal by all accounts he had to fight DC to bring back Supergirl....glad he stuck to his guns.
These books are wonderful BTW


Anj said...

I have always hoped to run into Bruce Timm and tell him how much I appreciate his work for DC and DC animation.

I doubt this blog reaches that far so I can only hope he will be at some convention I end up at.

Anonymous said...

One can always hope, Anj! :) I'm heading to NYCC this October & if I see him around, I'll be sure to pass your thoughts along to him, if he's there. ;)-ealperin