Thursday, June 10, 2010

Supergirl Bits of Business

There have been a bunch of quick things around the net regarding Supergirl worthy of a mention.

Over on Comics Continuum, Jamal Igle gives a short interview about the upcoming Bizarro Supergirl storyline. Here is the link:

It's brief enough that I can provide the transcript here:

Coming out of the War of the Supermen, with Supergirl #53, Kara's in a hard place in her life, having witnessed the destruction of New Krypton. But we're reintroducing a new version of Bizarro Supergirl. We're going to be doing a Bizarro Supergirl story line that's going to be going on in the books for a few issues. So it's going to be a little lighter than the stuff that we've been doing for the past year or so, but it's still having a lot of repercussions from War of the Supermen and New Krypton and everything.

I find it interesting that Igle says that the storyline will be 'a little lighter' than what has preceded it given that it is the first issue since the tragedy of War of the Supermen. My guess is that Supergirl will be a bit brooding and lost and not lighter in any way. Of course, any Bizarro has comic potential. So the lighter stuff is probably going to be the Bizarro scenes, maybe as she interacts with Supergirl's supporting cast.

I cannot say how much I am looking forward to this arc, the first 'stand-alone' arc in a while.

Over on CBR, James Robinson talks about his run on Justice League. Here is that link:

As always, the whole interview is worth reading as it covers the current storyline and the other characters. Here are some snippets.

CBR: Last week, one of those directions was the introduction of Supergirl to the title. Is Kara along for the ride now?
JR: Yes, very much. I mean, I had hopes to hang onto Mon-El for a little longer, but unfortunately it wasn't to be and I had to send him back to the 30th century. Or send him on to the 30th century, I guess technically would be the correct thing to say.
But getting Supergirl instead is a fantastic boon. She had this big, rich history as a comic book character, but again has been out of the spotlight. I can focus on the areas of that past that I want to. The idea is to set up my own World's Finest team between her and Dick Grayson, where they're very much brother and sister - this super-sibling relationship, almost. It's something that no one has really had the opportunity to do before, so I'm really enjoying that, as well.

We have talked here in the past about the Robinson's World's Finest idea but I have to say that I am warming up to it a bit. It is nifty that, despite their long histories in comics, they haven't worked together or interacted together a lot. So this is sort of new ground here. So call me intrigued.

But the other thing I sense here is that Robinson really likes Supergirl. She is a 'fantastic boon'. And she has a 'big, rich history'. I don't know if every comic creator would say those things. Recognizing her past and potential, I have some guarded optimism that he will treat her right.

CBR: How will Donna react to this new dynamic?
JR: I think Donna's a big girl, and it isn't like her relationship to Dick is going to be any less. The thing I like about this team is that everybody on it has lost someone in some way. Dick obviously lost his parents. And for now, anyway, he's lost Bruce Wayne. Supergirl has lost everybody except for Superman after the events of the 100 Minute War. Jesse Quick lost her father. He's "dead" dead now, not "lost in the Speedforce dead," and then to make matters worse she had to see him yet die again, so to speak, in Blackest Night: JSA. In the course of the arc of the JLA/JSA crossover, we'll see that even though Jade has had to move on from Kyle Rayner, she's sort of not over him yet. But there's nothing she can do about it. She's had to move on, but she's still sort of lost that love. Bill and Mikaal have both lost people, or in Bill's case gorillas, that they loved in "Justice League: Cry for Justice." Donna was reminded she lost her husband and her baby during "Blackest Night." So they've all lost something.

Unlike many superhero teams are born from victory, this Justice League was really formed out of tragedy. The 'big 7' are gone for a number of reasons. And the new members have all been effected by war or Blackest Night in some very prominent way. I think that is fertile soil for Robinson. These are selfless heroes who are probably reeling internally. How they respond to each other and react should be good reading.
Lastly, hat tip to blog-friend Saranga who had me check out Cliff Chiang's blog. Chiang posted his recent commissions from Heroes Con. Here is the link:

I love Chiang's work and have a Supergirl commission of my own from him. But I absolutely loved this one of the 'hot pants' uniform as Supergirl flies around Metropolis. I really prefer the boots look over the ballerina slippers but both were part of this uniform. This work is tremendous. I am jealous. It makes me wonder if I should start getting this costume in my commissions from now on.


Nikki said...

Did you see CBR's greatest supergirl stories vote?

Gene said...

I love it how Jamal Igle brings his own Supergirl banner to every convention he attends. I saw it in Phoenix and its quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

Bring back hot pants Supergirl

Anonymous said...

We got to "party" oh so briefly with "That Seventies Supergirl" in the Alex Ross "Justice" maxiseries, I do wish DC could bring that version of Kara back in a solo mini a'la "Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade"...

John Feer

Anj said...

We got to "party" oh so briefly with "That Seventies Supergirl" in the Alex Ross "Justice" maxiseries, I do wish DC could bring that version of Kara back in a solo mini a'la "Cosmic Adventures in the Eighth Grade"...

I do feel a lot of nostalgia for the costume and would love to see it again somewhere.