Monday, June 21, 2010

New Bizarro Girl Theory?

This Wednesday, Supergirl #53 comes out, the first part of the 'Who is Supergirl?' storyline, an arc we know includes the new Bizarro Supergirl or BizarroGirl.

We have learned a lot about BizarroGirl recently as Sterling Gates has talked about her around the internet. Here is a recent quote from the Superman Home Page interview:

BizarroGirl is letting all of her emotions fly. She's constantly changing emotions, one per second, keeping nothing in check. She screams, she fights, she drools. She's like a wild animal with the worst ADD you can imagine, and she has no idea what her own strength is like.

To sum that up, she's a monster.

That doesn't necessarily sound like your typical Bizarro. This isn't some fundamentally innocent creature who is misunderstood and confused. So I wondered if BizarroGirl might have a different origin than just being a Bizarro Supergirl from the Bizarro world.

Now I had a theory about her origins a while back. Initially I wondered if BizarroGirl might have been a failed attempt by Alura to clone Kara. I thought maybe, in her grief, while still imprisoned on Brainiac's ship, that Alura might have wanted her daughter back so badly that she would try to clone Kara, instead creating an imperfect duplicate. A monster she kept hidden from everyone until New Krypton exploded. Being a Bizarro, she might not be effected by Gold K and therefore would survive New Krypton's explosion.

This certainly would have been a rich psychological terrain to create stories around.

But now I have a different theory.

BizarroGirl sounds like a rabid cauldron of emotions, a chaotic creature with extreme mood swings all covered with a crystal coating. Hmmm ... sounds like another character I read once.

Remember this character?

This Supergirl? The one with the crystal blood ... the non-hero ... the provocative one cursing in bars late at night ... the one who wanted to dance instead of save people in danger? The one plagued with visions of gunning down her classmates? The one dealing with a nonstop compulsion to kill Superman?

I didn't like this Supergirl but that sure sounds like BizarroGirl.

Remember how Zor-El described Kryptonite poisoning? Wild mood swings. Shifting personalities. Inability to concentrate.

Sounds like how Gates described BizarroGirl, right? He describes her as emotional labile with ADD.

Okay, now here is where I might be getting too 'Vertigo' for Supergirl.

Remember that all that Kryptonite poisoning, all that negative energy, was drained from Kara in Supergirl #35. For a while I thought Alura absorbed it, explaining her mood swings.

But what if that Kryptonite poisoning, what if that energy was so great that it coalesced ... gained life.

What if BizarroGirl is the physical manifestation of Supergirl's longstanding Kryptonite poisoning?

Even her appearance, that crystal look, makes sense given the growths we saw on Kara when she bled while still afflicted.

Now maybe 'a hate so powerful it gained consciousness' is too Grant Morrison for the book. But wouldn't it be a great plot element? Wouldn't Kara figure out 'Who is Supergirl' a little faster by looking into this mirror darkly ... by seeing all that she once was?

For all I know, maybe she is just a Bizarro Supergirl from the Bizarro World. Maybe there is no complicated background story. But I love trying to figure out what the creators are up to.

I guess we'll find out about BizarroGirl soon enough.


Gene said...

Anj wrote:
"What if BizarroGirl is the physical manifestation of Supergirl's longstanding Kryptonite poisoning?"

Interesting theory. Supergirl would be literally fighting the personification of an unpopular storyline from her past.

Saranga said...

Ah! I love this theory!

aplayfulsoul said...

Great ideas. Hopefully you'll be right.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike [i]that[/i] version of Supergirl I can see how it makes sense.

Evil Kryptonite-laced Supergirl? Maybe.

But I'm going for the evil doppleganger. It makes much more sense.

Not to mention I was actually [i]right[/i] [i][on two things actually] [/i] a while back when I predicted Thara would die.

And that Bizzaro Supergirl did have a little "malice and anger" in the pic that came out by the most recent cover artist.

It's kinda scary, now that I think of it. Being sorta clairvoyant in the comic book sense of the word