Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Granite State Comic Con: Talent Caldwell Commission

I figured I would post the other commission I obtained at the Granite State Comicon.

I saw that Talent Caldwell was going to be at the convention and thought he would be an interesting commission to grab. Caldwell's style is from the Michael Turner and J. Scott Campbell school. I think his style can be beautiful although at times it can border on cheesecake.

But after reviewing his art on some of the pages of Supergirl #39 and more recently Batgirl #8, I realized that I should try to grab a commission from him. I am very happy I did.

I really like the piece above. As always (and after getting as many commissions as I have), I love seeing a unique take on the character. This point of view, looking down on Supergirl, is a novel approach for my collection.

I also like the fact that he added her current belt to the more Matrix-y style costume that I love and request in commissions. It is a nice melding of the old and the new. I am very happy with this piece, an excellent addition to my growing collection.

So in the end, I am very happy I went to the Granite State Comicon. I grabbed commissions from two artists whose work I really enjoy. I was able to meet some other artists and grab some signatures from the surprisingly impressive Artists Alley, and I bought a lot of comics.

I hope that future cons are as great as this one. If they are, I will be there!

Here is a link to the con's website for people who want to check out info on future shows:


Unknown said...

Hey Anj,

As always, I'm quite envious of your collection and this piece does not disappoint. Nice!


Granite in Calgary said...

Its good...

Anonymous said...

You got a Talent Caldwell commission?


See? I told ya that YJ issue was amazing! ^_^


paul said...

Good to see super girl in a blog....Granite Countertops Calgary

Granite Orlando said...

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