Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sales Review: May 2010

Comic sales were robust in May 2010, bolstered by the end of Marvel's Siege and the beginning of their new Avengers title. As always, ICv2 does a great job breaking down the numbers and here is the link:

Now this is an interesting month to look at. There was no Supergirl issue in May. But it was the War of the Supermen month with the 4 issues of the mini released on a weekly basis.

The series actually sold a lot better than I anticipated. With the Super-titles all hovering near 30K in sales, I didn't think that War of the Supermen would do much better.

Surprisingly, the book sold over 40K, and approached 50K with the first issue. Now each came with a variant cover which can inflate sales a bit, but that is an increase in sales of 33% over the monthlies.

Now in some ways it is also sad. You would think that a huge storyline involving the company's signature character would sell higher. But I'm not going to go sour grapes with this; the book sold well.

In some ways, I hope it lures people to the Supergirl title. Supergirl played a pivotal role in War of the Supermen and was strong and heroic throughout. Hopefully some readers will jump on board for the 'Who is Supergirl?' arc.

So with New Krypton finally over, we'll have to see if there is a rebound effect in sales of all the super-titles.

And what can I say about R.E.B.E.L.S.?

I can say that 11,000 people can't be wrong. That number has been solid for this title for about a year. Is that level enough to keep the book going? I have to figure that for the time being the answer is yes.

Another one of my favorite books, Doom Patrol, is also down among the weeds here.

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valerie21601 said...

I dearly hope there is a "rebound effect" for Supergirl as well. She deserves to get really noticed after all of the work and love Gates and Igle put into building her character the past couple of years.