Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Review: Tiny Titans #28

After the brutality of last week's Brightest Day #2 and the hard fought battles of War of the Supermen #3, Tiny Titans #28 was a much needed palate cleanser.

This was the Super-Pets issue which meant we got to read lots of animal hijinks. While it is no surprise that Streaky gets serious page space, I was shocked to see that Beppo really gets to shine in a couple of solo stories.

A while ago I declared 2008 The Year Of Streaky because the little cat seemed to be making a comeback. Well, Streaky hasn't shied away from the spotlight since then. Let's take a look at some of the action from the issue.

I thought the opening story was cute as a sleepy Streaky vaporizes a toy mouse which is interrupting a much needed cat nap.

And look at the roll call. If you aren't smiling when you see Krypto, Comet, Streaky, Ace, and Proty ... well you should check yourself for a pulse.

Streaky and Comet have already been seen in this book. But Proty is new and for a Legion nut like me, I was thrilled and nostalgic to see him here.

I just had to include the action shot of the super-pets flying into action.

I can't get enough of Streaky.

And who would ever think that in 2010 that Comet would be a recurring character ... even if it is in an all-ages comic. First we saw him in Cosmic Adventures and now here.

But the issue is mostly comprised of quick funny stories of the super-pets.

Here we see Streaky joining in with some other ally cats to do some 'singing'. Of course, with his super-lungs, his caterwauling leads to city-wide broken windows.

I love how Supergirl and Superboy take it all in stride while Robin and Krypto cringe and cover their ears. Kara must be a proud pet owner!

As I said, Streaky gets a lot of face time in this issue.

Supergirl gives him a ball of yarn to play with. Of course, super-strength makes it a little bit different than the usual kitty getting tangled. A super-swat leads to some interstellar fun.

And we finally get to see Brainiac 5 and Proty show up in the book.

The Pet Club calls their own meeting in the Titans tree house. A squad of Green Lanterns drop off B'dg. And Brainy arrives with Proty. Of course, in 'real' continuity Proty was Chameleon Boy's pets.

But Brainy in this book gives us yet another venue to see Supergirl and Brainy to interact. Of course it would be much more of a school yard crush here than true romance.

Here Brainiac says how in the future he is good and awesome.

Maybe I am reading into things too much, but Supergirl's hands clasped in front of her makes her seem smitten. Compare her body language to Wonder Girl's.

I also chuckled a little at the classic super-pet gag of fetching a whole tree rather than the single tossed branch. I am sure I have seen this joke before but I can't place it. Regardless, it's still funny. Look how proud Krypto is!

The book also includes a great story of Beppo facing Titano. As always, this book is a silly take on the DCU and never disappoints.

For added fun, a Supergirl/Streaky maze was included in the back of the book! Aw yeah!

I always feel funny grading this book. It is always silly, always fun, always entertaining. And it always includes some serious DCU facts or riffs on continuity which makes it that much greater of a ride.

If you are a Supergirl or Streaky fan and you have a couple of spare bucks, you should take a look at this book.


Arnaud said...

Hello !
I am a fan of Supergirl and I’ve discovered your web site which is great! I need your help if you don’t mind : some years ago, I had a beautiful picture of Matrix Supergirl but I’ve lost it :(
I tried to find it again but I only found a very low resolution of the picture :

It features the Matrix Supergirl surrounded by flames. I absolutely love this picture because Matrix has very strong blue eyes on it.
I’m asking you if you know this picture and if you can find it in a better resolution. Or just tell me in which comic it appears. It would be so cool if you can do that :)

Thank you very much.
Sincerly yours,

valerie21601 said...

At least there is going to be another issue with B5 in it where Tiny Titans finishes the second half of the story started in their Free Comic Book Day issue.