Saturday, May 29, 2010

Granite State Comicon: Becky Cloonan Commission

Last Sunday, a couple of friends and I decided to drive a little ways north and go the Granite State Comicon (, a semi-annual comic convention in New Hampshire. While I have known about the con, I have never had to opportunity to attend before, something which irked me last year when Jamal Igle was the guest. Unfortunately I was working that day and couldn't go.

This year's line-up looked very good for a con of this size. It was really the artists that were attending that prompted us to go. Talent Caldwell, Becky Cloonan, Tim Seeley, Khoi Pham, and Craig Rousseau were amongst the notables. With the thoughts of getting a couple of commissions, we grabbed some coffee and piled in the car.

The con itself was bigger than I expected with a large area for collectible card game and video game tournaments, an expansive artists alley with pros and locals, and a decent amount of dealers. All in all a top-notch 'local con', one I am sure I will go to again.

For me, the goal was to get commissions from Becky Cloonan and Talent Caldwell (in that order) and I was thrilled when I was able to get them from both. Here is the Becky Cloonan commission.

I sort of lump my commission collection into three sort of categories: artists who are well known for drawing Supergirl, artists whose work I really like, and artists who I think will have an interesting interpretation of the character.

Cloonan falls into 2 categories. One I really like her work. It is described in some places as 'manga-influenced' but if it is, it is not overt. Her layouts, angles and perspectives, and subtle but expressive characters all make for great storytelling. Her books flow like movies, giving a dynamic feel to the issues. Two, I also thought that her style would make for a unique take on Supergirl. Cloonan is best known for work on Vertigo books and I wondered how that background and her style would mesh with a Supergirl piece.

I love this piece which shows a sort of shy and sweet Supergirl. It is a great addition to my collection. I couldn't thank her enough.

If you want to see more of Cloonan's work, I highly recommend getting the Vertigo mini-series Demo. These are 'done in one' haunting (but not necessarily horror) stories written by Brian Wood. They are up to issue 4 of the 6 issue mini. In particular, I would look for the first issue which is a suspenseful story about dreams and self-fulfilling prophecies. Great stuff.

Here is a link to her blog:

As a fan, it is always cool to meet creators you like. Cloonan was great to talk to and get some art from.

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