Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Different Sort Of Crisis On Infinite Earths #7

I don't watch the show, but apparently on last week's episode of Fox show Fringe, the characters there head to an alternate universe where everything is a little bit off including comic continuity. To show those slight differences, some mock-up covers of famous DC comics were created showing the differences. Included in that is this incredible re-imagination of Crisis on Infinite Earths #7.

I was almost giddy when I saw this; it is the most obvious reimagination of the cover and we have seen many different takes on it. It appears as if the background remains George Perez' art with Superman and Supergirl redrawn.

I would have preferred Supergirl to be in the headband outfit she wore in Crisis on this cover. But I do find it a bit noteworthy that Supergirl's skirt here is the pleated red dress more reminiscent of the Matrix costume rather than the current version.

So we have seen the real Crisis #7 on The Human Target a couple of months ago and now we have seen a different Crisis #7 on Fringe. Any time DC and Supergirl are seen in mainstream entertainment I am happy.

Anyways, I thought this was too delicious to not talk about. What a great image. I would love to see that on a poster or t-shirt. Makes me wonder what the DCU would be like if that was the 'real' cover.

Here is the link to the DC Source blog post including how Geoff Johns was involved and the whole gallery of altered covers:


TalOs said...

AH-HA! Now THAT is how the real COIE outcome should've truly gone like! E-1 Supergirl tearfully cradeling and mourning over the lifeless body of her cousin Superman in her arms instead! I would've loved to have seen E-2 Superman willingly adopting the role of the Post-COIE DCU era Superman (who rejoins the JSA along with his cousin Power Girl) with Supergirl proper (and with no memory of ever having had a Kryptonian male cousin of her own) now taking over HER cousin's role as the official protector of Metropolis aswell as joining the JLA. Later on, come '04, I would've had Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner then bring HER Kryptonian cousin Kal-El proper back into main DCU continuity within "Supergirl/Batman: The Superman from Krypton" mega-arc re-establishing him as the REAL Superman!

I too also just love the idea of the Frank Miller "Superman Returns" Elseworld and would love to see Fringes' "Crisis of Infinite Earths", "Superman Returns" and "The Death/Return of Batman" the most being made into proper Elseworlds come sometime late 2010/early 2011! B-D

Gene said...

Actually, that episode of Fringe was a documentary. In that alternative universe Helen Slater became a box office star with three successful Supergirl movies before becoming an Oscar winning actress.

Along with two highly rated Supergirl animated series on Cartoon Network, Lara Vandervoort became a household name for her lead role in playing Kara's early life before she became Supergirl in the CW show "Midvale."

Saranga said...

nice cover.

btw have you seen this piece of nice art?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah lets face it, SuperMAN was dragging down the whole Supergirl franchise, a barnacle clinging tenaciously to her otherwise sleek hull. It was long past due that Supergirl's continuity was cleansed and simplified, Superman had NO fanbase that movie they put him in BOMBED...Time for a change sez John Feer.
HIs fans can always re-read back issues that is if they LIKE Don Heck's "artwork" and Robert Kanigher's "hip" dialogue.
Even today, Superman is nothing but a pale shadow a country cousin poor relation of the One True Final Daughter of Krypton, Supergirl.


John Feer