Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sterling Gates And World's Finest

There is a nice little piece on the DC blog about Supergirl writer Sterling Gates which promotes both Supergirl and the upcoming World's Finest miniseries. Here is the link:

The post does a good job of talking up Supergirl so hopefully this will intrigue some people enough to pick up the book. But I also think it was great to see Sterling get a little publicity as well. Most of us here think that his work on Supergirl has been fantastic. Here is some of the DC post.

Sterling Gates is far from a newcomer to the DCU — but he’s certainly one that’s on the rise. With his work — alongside artist Jamal Igle — redefining and stabilizing Supergirl, Gates has made a name for himself for his tight plotting and knack for strong and precise characterization. All of which can be seen month-in and month-out in the pages of the Girl of Steel’s ongoing series.

The Source also talks about World's Finest and gives some preview pages of the first issue. Here is the publicity.

The first issue kicks off with Gates and artist Julian Lopez bringing Red Robin and Christopher Kent/Nightwing together to help track down a missing Flamebird — but as readers have come to expect from Gates, things are rarely that linear, so fans should be in for a treat.

And here are some panels I liked. I thought Lopez did a good job on his issues of Action Comics so I think he will have a good handle on the Nightwing character.

Here is a good panel of Chris taking apart a motorcycle with his telekinesis.

But I liked this page even more with Tim not knowing that Chris is under the helmet. Very moody art.

I think the whole idea of this mini-series is fantastic. And when you add Jamal Igle art on the Supergirl/Batgirl issue and Phil Noto art on the Superman/Batman one it puts it to the next level.

I plan to review World's Finest here.


TalOs said...

Man I'm seriously awaiting in much anticipation for this! (Please let there be next to no mention of New Krypton though) and to see come #3 how he's going to play Supergirl meeting Batgirl III (with the first two being Barbara and Cassandra) out like. :D

Gene said...

I'm with you Talos. Its going to be interesting to see how Supergirl and Batgirl will get along.