Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review: Tiny Titans #21

Okay, I was originally planning on reviewing Blackest Night:Superman #3 today. But how could delay reviewing another Tiny Titans issue that involves Supergirl.

Tiny Titans #21 is the 'All Pet Club' issue and with a whole bunch of super-pets, Supergirl gets to join in the fun.

One thing I have always like about Tiny Titans is that while it is clearly written for kids, Art Baltazar and Franco both throw in enough 'grown-up' DCU references to make this a fun comic for adult fans too. I think a lot of the DC jokes ('Battle for the cow' ... 'Finals Crisis' )fly right over my supergirls heads. Easter eggs are always welcome in my book.

So I really liked the cover of this issue which clearly is a riff on the closing shot of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon intro. That shot was even re-referenced once in the JLU comic book, Supergirl standing front and center.

Still it is cute to see the flying heroes in the background be pets on this cover. I especially like seeing Streaky carrying Ace the Bathound.

The plot is a basic one. All the Titan seem to have pets now so Pet Club keeps growing. Here we see Starfire, Blackfirem and Cyborg join.

The youngest supergirl at home thought it was a riot that Blackfire had a pet named Poopu (which I pronounced as poo-poo).

Looks like romance between Supergirl and Freddy Freeman might be blossoming in all corners of the DC universe. And Freddy joins pet club with Hoppy.

Seriously ... any time I have the opportunity to see Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, I take it.

And I also like how Supergirl is surrounded by the super-pets: Streaky, Krypton, Beppo, and Comet.

But it is this sort of humor that works on all levels of comic fandom.

I always thought it was silly that Captain Marvel Junior could never introduce himself because he would change back and forth. So to see that played out for once was hysterical.

Finally he tells the Titans that they should just call him Freddy.

The Atom's kids, Blue Beetle, the Ant ... everyone brings their pets to Pet Club.

And that's a lot of pets. The treehouse is filled.

Pet Club is going to have to be held elsewhere.

I have no idea about the cow dressed up as Wonder Woman in the lower right corner.

In prior issues, Pet Club have demolished Wayne Manor and the Batcave (to show some internal continuity panels from these stories are shown ... continuity in TinyTitans! Aw yeah!).

With no where to go, the Titans start looking at new venues.

Unfortunately, the Wayne Manor and Batcave incidents are well known to most of the super-hero community. Superman denies them access to the Fortress. How cute to see Supergirl shouting 'Aw man!'.

Mera denies them the use of Atlantis for their meetings.

Suprisingly, the JLA is not up on current events and Green Lantern lets them use the satellite. That is ... he lets them until he sees the elephant and cows in the group.

One giant green hand later, the Titans are holding Pet Club on the moon.

As always, it is hard to grade Tiny Titans issues. But Supergirl was in it, Streaky was in it, and I got reminded how silly Freddy Freeman's name problems were.

On top of that, the supergirls at home giggled throughout. That is the best publicity of all in my book.

Overall grade: A


Nikki said...

My favourite part was Silky joining the cast. AW YEAH SILKY!

TalOs said...

Heh, comical and adorable as usual. :)

Gene said...

Its nice to see the amount of exposure Supergirl gets in Tiny Titans.

BTW, does anyone know who replaced Jann Jones as editor of Johnny DC?

Anj said...

My favourite part was Silky joining the cast. AW YEAH SILKY!

I also thought it was a great . Just a nice way to cross-pollinate with the Teen Titans Go! crowd.

Anj said...

BTW, does anyone know who replaced Jann Jones as editor of Johnny DC?

Don't know.

But I did read in some Dan Didio column that there were no changes in store for the Johnny DC line.

Unfortunately that means no sequel for Cosmic Adventures yet.

Nikki said...

The Johnny DC next time page still has an empty spot where our beloved cosmic adventures was. I suggest we buy copies for nieces, nephews, cousins and friend's children at christmas and encourage others to do the same. Has Landry started his run on Brave and the Bold yet? I have to remember to add that to my pull list

Gene said...

I like how you think Nikki.
I also suggest that we ask our local libraries to purchase copies of Cosmic Adventures. I plan to buy two myself, one to enjoy and one to have autographed by Landry Walker and Eric Jones.

X-Ray's run on Brave and the Bold has already begun. Their first issue has Batman, Catman, Joker, and Two-Face on the cover.