Wednesday, October 21, 2009

January Solicits

The January solicits were just released to Newsarama ( ) and it looks like the new year is starting off with a bang. For one, we are approaching the ending of the World of New Krypton mini-series. That means we are hopefully moving towards Superman coming back to his own titles.

But more importantly, the Supergirl #49 solicit was something of a bombshell.


Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Matt Camp
Cover by Joshua Middleton

This is it! The moment you've all been waiting for, as Supergirl takes on-- >kkkzzzt< “WE INTERRUPT FOR A DAILY PLANET BREAKING NEWS BRIEF: Lana Lang, Business Editor of The Daily Planet, passed away this morning from undisclosed causes. She is survived by her ex-husband, former President of the United States Pete Ross, their son, Clark, and her niece, Linda. More on this story as it develops.” >fzzt< --story you won't want to miss!

There are two parts to this solicit that caught my attention.

The most obvious is the announcement of Lana's death. I can't imagine that she is really dead. I suspect that the book ends with the cliffhanger of her dying. I still wonder exactly what is afflicting her. I really don't want to believe that Sterling Gates set up a Lana/Linda relationship only to have it not come to fruition.

I don't know if the first sentence of the solicit is only a tease but I wonder who Supergirl takes on. Is it the continuation of her battle with Silver Banshee from Supergirl #48? Or is it (as I think) a rematch with Superwoman? Or a new villain?

Lastly, what a charged cover by Josh Middleton. The use of negative space, the positioning of a small Supergirl in the center, it just shows how powerless she is against this medical threat. It reminds me so much of the cover of Supergirl#48 from Peter David's run (which, by the way, may be my favorite Supergirl issue).

I hope that Middleton posts about this cover on his blog.

Written by Greg Rucka & Eric Trautmann;
co-feature written by James Robinson and Greg Rucka
Art by Pere PĂ©rez;
co-feature art by CAFU
Cover by CAFU

With a new lease on life, Nightwing and Flamebird return to Metropolis determined to hunt down one of General Zod’s few remaining sleeper agents. Continued in SUPERMAN #696! And in the co-feature, Captain Atom is back on Earth, but his struggle to break his ties with Mirabai and Project 7734 aren’t over yet. Guest-starring Metropolis’s own super-powered protector, Mon-El! And check out the connecting cover art on these two issues!

I am glad to see that the Nightwing and Flamebird sleeper agent plot has not been completely forgotten. When they took over Action Comics, one thing I liked was that the sleeper agent plot seemed perfect for this 'year without Superman'. There was a clear-cut ending ... when they were all caught.

The fact that Rucka is bringing us back to this is another sign that maybe Superman is coming back to Earth soon.

Written by James Robinson
Art by Bernard Chang
Cover by CAFU

“Man of Valor” Part 3! Picking up plot threads from ACTION COMICS #885, the Guardian, Nightwing and Flamebird are hot on the trail of General Zod’s Metropolis sleeper agent. But just as they’re about to uncover who the sleeper is, tragedy strikes, which leads to a completely different revelation. Seeds for this issue’s surprising twist were planted all the way back in James Robinson’s first issue – so don’t miss it!

Hmmm ... another great solicit.

Who is Zod's sleeper in Metropolis? Any guesses? I was initially thinking Morgan Edge. But maybe one of the Science Police officers?

A tragedy strikes? Any guesses? The cynic in me says it is the death of Jamie Harper but I hope not. She seems like a character with a lot of potential.

And a surprising twist from Robinson's first issue? That was the beginning of the Atlas arc. I am going to have go back and take another look. Could it be that Atlas is actually a Kryptonian and the whole story of his beginnings are just implants?

I like Bernard Chang's art. His fill-in issues of Wonder Woman were particularly strong so I am looking forward to see what he will do with the super-family.

Written by Greg Rucka & James Robinson
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Gary Frank
Variant cover by Victor Ibanez

“Mystery in Space” Part 2! As the murder mystery on New Krypton deepens, Superman and Adam Strange’s investigation leads them to uncover a conspiracy involving all five Kryptonian guilds that threatens to devastate the entire planet. This chain of events will touch everyone – Alura, Zod, even General Lane – and will lead directly into next month’s explosive finale!

Still no hint as to who has been murdered on New Krypton. Could it be Kryn Kel-Ur, the woman whose apartment Lucy was living in undetected on New Krypton. Is that how it links back to General Lane?

As for a conspiracy ... maybe my guess that Zod was behind the machinations that led to his assassination attempt after all? I can hope.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and covers by Francis Manapul

Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul say goodbye (for now) to Superboy with a spectacular 30-page issue! Ever since Superboy returned from the grave, he has been obsessed with Lex Luthor, believing that there must be some good in the master villain somewhere. So for Luthor, it’s time to put up or shut up. With Superman off planet, it’s time to do some good for the planet earth. Superboy is willing to do what it takes to make Lex’s dreams come true, but what Superboy will discover is that one man’s dreams, are another man’s nightmares.

This one can't end well.

For one, I wonder what effect it will have on Conner if he thinks he has turned Luthor to the side of good only to have the super-villain eventual revert to form. Will that depress Conner more because it looks like it might be nature after all?

But more importantly, this marks the end of the brief Johns/Manapul run on the comic. What is my future for this comic after they leave? When will Levitz take over?

Written by Sterling Gates
Art and covers by Phil Noto

The Toyman and Mr. Freeze activate the ultimate weapon — the new and improved Composite Superman/Batman robot — in an attempt to destroy all Kryptonians. This looks like a job for the World’s Finest, as Superman returns from New Krypton to team up with Dick Grayson Batman to stop the rampaging robot once and for all!

I thought this was a nice way to end the World's Finest mini-series. By bringing back together the original World's Finest, Batman and Superman. I know this is Dick Grayson but he is currently Batman. I also think it is a nice twist that the robot from Superman/Batman is brought back here. Nice touch.

Plus internal art by Phil Noto! Excellent!

Written by James Robinson
Art and cover by Mauro Cascioli

After a shocking loss, Prometheus reveals an even greater threat to the team than they thought possible! How will this new crisis change the face of the DC Universe? Find out in the penultimate chapter of this groundbreaking miniseries event!

I am sort of sad that there is no Supergirl on the cover.

As usual it is an eye-catching cover by Cascioli.

So overall, a nice month with what looks to be a great Supergirl issue leading into Supergirl #50.


Saranga said...

Supergirl #49: If Lana dies (and I sincerely hope she won't), and the press are talking about who she is survived by, won't someone do some digging and wonder where her mystery niece came from? Waht impact will this have on Kara's double life?

World's Finest: good cover! I will def be picking this mini up.

Cry for Justice: What, Dinah and Vixen are on there but not Kara?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Middleton cover. I always love his work on them and how he shows us how to do them.


Shows how Supergirl can be emotionally powerless, even though she has physical super-abilities.


Anonymous said...

Yeah here is hoping that Lana is not dead or not dead for long (two sturdy comic book conventions) mostly because Kara's secret ID won't be worth a plugged nickel if her mentor has adjourned to the choir eternal.

John Feer

Gene said...

"Lana Lang, Business Editor of The Daily Planet, passed away this morning from undisclosed causes."


TalOs said...

Supergirl #49, Superman: World of New Krypton #11, Adventure Comics #6, World’s Finest #4 and Justice League: Cry for Justice #6 are the only Superman Family titles I'm interested in getting due to being so fed up with the whole 'New Krypton' theme as of now.

Oh and I really hope there's a real good reason as to why DC kept off Superman: Secret Origins from Jan's 2010's official solicitations there at that! >:(