Friday, October 2, 2009

Justice League:Cry For Justice #4 Preview

A preview of the first pages of James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli's Justice League:Cry For Justice #4 has been posted on the DC blog The Source and it has an interesting wrinkle for Supergirl fans. Here is the link:

As usual, the art is really fantastic.

You may recall that last issue, Clayface detonated a bomb within him to try to kill the heroes. Somehow, Captain Marvel was able to use a 'lightning flash' as a way to deflect the force of the bomb.

Clayface's willingness to detonate a suicide bomb seems to stun the heroes. They are not used to Prometheus being so well prepared.

Kara remembers that Clayface spoke of a daughter and wonders if Prometheus may have a hold over some of the villains he is working with.

The heroes also wonder what Prometheus hoped to accomplish with a bomb attack against some sturdy JLAers. Hal's ring analyzes the bomb and sees that it included nanobytes as well as both Kryptonite and some of Jordan's DNA as a way to bypass and injure some of the tougher heroes. Only Freddy would have easily survived. And it is only with Freddy's manuveur that they all are unscathed.

And here is the Supergirl wrinkle.

When the Atom calls Freddy special, a rather smitten-appearing Supergirl quickly agrees.

And so we flash back to February's Supergirl #37 and the Origins and Omens story in the back.

Remember when we saw this glimpse of things to come ... one of which was Kara kissing someone. I am pretty sure that some astute folks guessed Freddy right off the bat. Looks like they might have been right.

I think Freddy actually makes an interesting love interest for Kara, both of them wearing the emblems of greater more established heroes. I hope this storyline gets picked up in the main comic too.


Anonymous said...

Forgive me if this comes out as a stupid quistion but...

who's freddy?

Freddy Krueger?

Freddy Mercury?


Unknown said...

She'll lean forward to kiss him ... but then be interrupted by the sudden urge to scream "Justice!"

Anonymous said...




Saranga said...

Freddy is Captain Marvel junior, or whatever name he's going by now.

I'd love to see Freddie and Kara get together. Although now I'm having bad flashbacks to some pretty bad fan fic involving the two of them, back when Kara was in her stroppy phase.

Anj said...

She'll lean forward to kiss him ... but then be interrupted by the sudden urge to scream "Justice!"


Unfortunately, that might happen here.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, with Alura as the Momster, Kara has a 9pm curfew and NO Steady Boyfriends!
John Feer

Gene said...

Seeing Kara and Freddy together would be cool. I wonder how Mary Marvel will react?