Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review: Tiny Titans #15

I have written in the past how much fun Tiny Titans is as a title, walking the tight rope between 'all ages fun' and intricate DC continuity. It always seems to be able to seamlessly mesh the two and this month's issue, Tiny Titans # 15, is no exception.

This month's main story involves another meeting of the Titans Pet Club at Wayne manor. As the last meeting ended with the place in shambles, Alfred decides he is going to sit in and make sure mayhem does not ensue.

There is the usual 'the first rule of pet club is we don't talk about pet club' jokes, a reference to the movie Fight Club, which hopefully no young reader has watched. The rule seems to perplex Alfred since he wants to talk about it and lay down some rules.

Supergirl is welcomed back to the club and has brought all of the super-pets: Krypto, Streaky, Beppo, and Comet.

I like how Robin just seems to be swooning over Tiny Kara. Look at the silly grin he has as he tells her that bringing all her pets was 'super duper super'.

Zatara makes it to his first meeting and has brought his pet rabbit Abby (short for Abra Kadabra).

Abby makes her way around the room saying hi to all the other pets.

She then makes the mistake of waking the sleeping Streaky by plugging Streaky's nose. Suffice it to say, Streaky wakes up in a bit of a snit.

A massive pet chase rocks stately Wayne manor and chaos erupts.

You think the fun is over once everything settles a bit. Unfortunately, Abby has decided to hide in Zatara's hat and Beppo has got hold of Zatar's wand.

A quick tap to the hat brim and we have a bunny population explosion.
The kids are sent to the corner but not before Beast Boy notices that one bunny is brown.

Hmmm ....

The epilogue of the issue shows the brown bunny shout 'Shazam' and turn into Hoppy, the Marvel Bunny.

Hoppy the Marvel Bunny!

I thought another Streaky sighting would be the high point of the issue!

But Hoppy the Marvel Bunny! Aw yeah!!
I haven't seen Hoppy since he was the hero in DC Comics Presents #34 where he is the hero who ultimately knocks out King Kull!

Too awesome!

Overall grade: A

For completeness sake, I figured I would also mention that Streaky and the super-pets are also heavily featured in Super Friends #14.

The pets here seem more like those seen in the Krypto cartoon. Streaky is wearing a blue cape in this one. Still, this was an amusing issue which harkened back to a Silver Age Kanjar Ro story and also included Silver Age pets Beppo, Kanga, and Topo.

But two Streaky comics in one month?



Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

The yellow bar is manipped (it should say 'elsewhere') of course but this is from 'the revolt of the superpets' Adventure Comics 364





(put it all together I'm having trouble posting a working link)

TalOs said...

Awww, how adorable! I'll be sure to pick up both Tiny Titans (as I usually do) as well as this particular issue of Super Friends at that. Heh. :D

Anj said...

The yellow bar is manipped (it should say 'elsewhere') of course but this is from 'the revolt of the superpets' Adventure Comics 364Thanks for the link.

Nothing like seeing Streaky beat up the Legion! Too perfect!