Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Sneak Peeks on The Source.

Well there certainly has been a lot of Supergirl news this week and I have been trying to keep up. I haven't even had the opportunity to sit down and review this week's comics: Action Comics, R.E.B.E.L.S., and Tiny Titans.

But I felt those reviews could wait given the sneaks and information released over on DC's Blog The Source which covered a day in the life of super-title editor Matt Idelson. Here is the link:

Of course, the whole post is worth reading but here are the Supergirl pieces.

Some more gorgeous pencils are in from guest-penciller Fernando Dagnino for SUPERGIRL #41—man, he’s SO good. Looking at our schedule, however, I’m thinking it might be more logical to ask Fernando to draw the upcoming SUPERGIRL ANNUAL rather than ACTION #878-879.

So it sounds like Supergirl #41 will be drawn by Fernando Dagnino, whose work I am not familiar with. I am pretty sure this was originally the issue slated to have Talent Caldwell as artist.

The pages I posted on April 16 from the DC blog showing the Supergirl/Superwoman fight were Dagnino pieces. His style seems to complement Jamal Igle's work more than Caldwell's.

But look at that Superwoman above with one red eye. Makes me want to think about voting android a bit more. Actually when I saw it the first time I immediately thought of one person ... Cyborg Superman! He would actually fit in soooo many ways. And that would be absolutely devious.

And I am tickled to hear that we will get a Supergirl Annual this year.

All of the sudden it’s 1:30, which means it’s time for the weekly Superman writers’ chat. Liz, Sean and Wil reemerge from their offices to join me, and we phone up Greg, James and SUPERGIRL writer Sterling Gates and begin a very focused discussion on our next crossover between the Super-books in August. What these guys have come up with is simply amazing, and I’m getting more and more excited about the event. About five minutes in, Geoff Johns joins us—in person!

Well, after the success of New Krypton and the re-integration of Supergirl into the Superman titles, I am glad to hear that another crossover event will be happening. August isn't that far away. That is only a third of the way through World of New Krypton and smack dab in the middle of Blackest Night. Maybe the crossover event is trying to take down the Zombified Kal-L?

Anyways, looks like good stuff is planned. I am excited.


Heath Edwards said...

ooo, cyborg superman. good call!! i voted for android, but it being cyborg superman is a great suggestion...
even more excited now :)...

TalOs said...

Man truly very much so looking forward to what the 'Superman family' titles will be having in store for us including that Supergirl Annual at that!!! 8D

Hmmm, question: do y'all recon that her newly returned annual will be given a whole new #1 or continue on from where the last Supergirl's left off instead? :/

Gene said...

Love that first picture!
This is a Supergirl smackdown that I am really looking forward to. Glad that DC is also coming out with an Annual for her too.

TalOs said...

Hmmm, unless I'm wrong it seems 'Superwoman' seems to have adopted a new 'white, black and gray' colored scheme variation super suit too.

It can't be the night altering the colors of her costume because the same would be occurring to Supergirl's own and it just doesn't seem to be the case by the looks of it apparently. :/