Wednesday, April 22, 2009

July Solicits

While July is going to be dominated by the Blackest Night event, it looks as though the Super titles will continue to be a strong presence in the DCU. Here is a link for all the solicits:

One thing we can finally cheer about ... the release of the James Robinson Justice League book. Despite the recent DC Nation page kerfluffle, I am pretty excited to read this book.

Alas, now it seems like we have a couple of new waiting games to play - neither Adventure Comics nor Superman:Secret Origin were listed in the July release.

Here are the super-books.

Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle & Jon Sibal
Cover by Joshua Middleton

Things are going well for Supergirl – she’s back on New Krypton, and she’s even managing to patch things up with her mother, Alura. But when she goes to visit her older cousin, Superman warns her that not all is as it seems in the House of El... Setting the stage for next month’s crossover event in the SUPERMAN books!

Hmmm ... I really thought by this issue that Supergirl would be residing primarily on Earth. It seems as though she remains on New Krypton for a bit longer. And what does that mean for the storylines involving Lana, Cat, and Inspector Henderson? What about Linda Lang? I have to say it ... I was looking forward to those interactions.

And a crossover super-event in the summer ... in the midst of Blackest Night? I can only wonder what we have in store for us.

Written by Greg Rucka; co-feature written by James Robinson & Rucka
Art by Fernando Dagnino & Raúl Fernandez; co-feature art by Cafu
Cover by Andrew Robinson

So far, Nightwing and Flamebird’s mission of apprehending Zod’s sleeper agents has gone fairly smoothly. But then they met Az-Rel and Nadira Va-Dim. Now the “Bonnie and Clyde of Krypton” have turned the tables on Earth’s newest protectors. The race to prevent war with New Krypton may be over before it’s even begun! And it’s all in preparation for next month’s crossover event in the SUPERMAN books! Plus: The debut of the Captain Atom co-feature written by Greg Rucka (DETECTIVE COMICS) and James Robinson (STARMAN), the writers of SUPERMAN: WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON! Where has Captain Atom been all this time? And is he back on the side of good – or still on the side of evil? Find out here in an adventure featuring art by Cafu (VIXEN: RETURN OF THE LION).

Their mission has gone 'fairly smoothly'?? Hard to believe that after the beatdown Ursa gave them last issue. Still, I am enjoying this book a lot.

As for a Captain Atom back-up feature. I trust Rucka and Robinson. But isn't Captain Atom now wearing the Monarch armor?

Written by James Robinson
Art by Renato Guedes & José Wilson Magalhães
Cover by Andrew Robinson

As media mogul Morgan Edge fans the flames of Earth’s distrust of all things alien, Mon-El wrestles with his looming demise and what to do with his remaining life. At the same time, forces from the future must prevent Mon-El from meeting Sodam Yat – the Green Lantern from Daxam known as Ion – for the sake of tomorrow. And General Lane rolls out his plan to ensnare our hero by lining up a vicious crew of villains – but to do this, Steel must fall. It’s a wild ride setting up next month’s crossover event in the SUPERMAN books!

Hmmm ... a return of Morgan Edge as a xenophobic media mogul. I like it. But I don't know if I like reading that Mon-El is already dying. I am glad that General Lane is playing a big part in at least one book. I can't imagine that Steel can last very long against Atlas.

Written by James Robinson & Greg Rucka
Art by Pete Woods
Cover by Gary Frank
Variant cover by Tan Eng Huat

Superman is on trial for his life. The crime: Treason! The punishment: Death! But is this a challenge Kal-El can even hope to triumph over when the man pulling all the strings is General Zod? A tale of heroism, evil and base betrayal – on the strange world of New Krypton. And all of this helps set the stage for next month’s crossover event in the SUPERMAN books!

Given the curt and strained conversations between Zod and Kal in the first 2 issues, I am not surprised to hear that Kal has crossed some sort of line. That is a very nice cover evocative of the Superman II movie.

Written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson
Art and cover by Rafael Albuquerque

When the inmates take over Arkham Asylum, it's a job for the World's Finest duo – Robin and Supergirl! Rafael Albuquerque (BLUE BEETLE) joins the series as regular artist for a story we could only call "Sidekicked!"

Here is my giddy little surpise for this month. This should be a fun story to read. I wonder how Kara will respond to the criminally insane inmates of Arkham. I also can't wait to see how Albuquerque draws Supergirl.


Written by James Robinson
Art and covers Mauro Cascioli

What brings a team together? Justice! Batman and Martian Manhunter have been slaughtered. But he’s not the only hero to fall at the hands of villains. The murder has to stop, and it’s time to take the fight to the bad guys! Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Atom, Shazam, Congorilla and Starman unite in a cry for justice! This 6-part miniseries from James Robinson (STARMAN, SUPERMAN) and rising star artist Mauro Cascioli (TRIALS OF SHAZAM) pushes our heroes to the brink and beyond as evil can no longer be tolerated to win. But when Prometheus plans his revenge on not only the heroes, but on the very places they call home, will this new team be ready to pay the cost for the justice they seek? This time it’s personal – and it’ll only get more bloody before it’s over! Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers by Mauro Cascioli that will be separately orderable. Cover A shows the left side of the image; cover B shows the right side. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.

Well, after being announce (I believe) in May 2008, we finally get to read Justice League:Cry For Justice. The premise is solid ... a pro-active Justice League to try to stop the madness before it occurs. The roster is intriguing. Some old Leaguers. Some versions of old Leaguers - Supergirl and Batwoman. Some D-listers - Congorilla and Starman. It's almost has a Morrison Doom Patrol-y feel to it.

The art looks fantastic although I am disappointed that Freddy won't be in his classic blue uniform as initially stated.


In July, DC Comics gives a fresh twist to a grand comics tradition with WEDNESDAY COMICS, a new, weekly 12-issue series by some of the greatest names in comics today! WEDNESDAY COMICS is unique in modern comics history: Reinventing the classic weekly newspaper comics section, it is a 16-page weekly that unfolds to a sprawling 28” x 20” tabloid-sized reading experience bursting with mind-blowing color, action and excitement, with each feature on its own 14” x 20” page. Spearheaded by DCU Editorial Art Director Mark Chiarello, whose past editing credits include BATMAN BLACK & WHITE, DC: THE NEW FRONTIER and SOLO, each page of WEDNESDAY COMICS spotlights the continuing adventures of DC heroes, including:

• BATMAN, WEDNESDAY COMICS’ weekly cover feature, by the Eisner Award-winning 100 BULLETS team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso
• ADAM STRANGE, by writer/artist Paul Pope (BATMAN: YEAR 100)
• METAMORPHO, written by New York Times best-selling writer Neil Gaiman with art by Eisner Award-winner Michael Allred (Madman)
• THE DEMON AND CATWOMAN, written by Walter Simonson (Thor, MANHUNTER) with art by famed DC cover artist Brian Stelfreeze
• DEADMAN, written by Dave Bullock and Vinton Heuck, art by Dave Bullock
• KAMANDI, written by Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN, GREEN LANTERN CORPS) with art by Ryan Sook (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ARKHAM ASYLUM: LIVING HELL)
• SUPERMAN, written by John Arcudi (The Mask) with art by Lee Bermejo (JOKER)
• WONDER WOMAN, written and illustrated by Ben Caldwell (Dare Detectives)
• GREEN LANTERN, written by Kurt Busiek (TRINITY, ASTRO CITY) with art by Joe Quiñones (TEEN TITANS GO!)
• TEEN TITANS, written by Eddie Berganza with art by Sean Galloway
• SUPERGIRL, written by Jimmy Palmiotti (JONAH HEX) with art by Amanda Conner (POWER GIRL)
• HAWKMAN, written and illustrated by Kyle Baker (PLASTIC MAN, Special Forces)
• SGT. ROCK, written by Adam Kubert (SUPERMAN: LAST SON), ilustrated by legendary comics artist Joe Kubert
• THE FLASH, written by Karl Kerschl (TEEN TITANS YEAR ONE, THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE) and Brenden Fletcher, illustrated by Karl Kerschl
• METAL MEN, written by Dan DiDio with art by Ian Churchill (SUPERGIRL)

WEDNESDAY COMICS will arrive in stores folded twice to 7” x 10”, with the first issue set to reach stores on July 8.

And of course Wednesday Comics begins. I am just overwhelmed by the talent brought together for this project. It reads like a Who's Who. Yes, there is the Palmiotti/Conner Supergirl story. But the rest of the teams are unbelievable.

And DC even put together two of my favorite creators - Walt Simonson and Brian Stelfreeze - on a strip featuring the Demon and Catwoman! Unbelievable! That's like a dream team for me.

Anyways, I am looking forward to the DC summer. Between Blackest Night and these books, should be a fun ride.


Heath Edwards said...

looks like another good month for super-fans... my shiny surprise was finding ian churchill on the 'wednesday comics' list to draw the metal men. i'd been wondering what had happened to him, since he disappeared abruptly after only a few issues on the latest 'titans' series...
yeah, its half a pity we're still dealing with new krypton. as great as the stories are, i do hope the earth-based characters don't get lost. we've really only had cameos from linda lang...

Gene said...

Glad to see Supergirl is receiving more and more exposure in other books, particularly Superman/Batman #62. Looking forward to that story.

Anonymous said...

You'd a thought, back in the silver age that Robin and Kara would've team up once or twice, but no...never happened.
But of course there were subtle differences in their respective status, Robin was a sidekick of a long honorable vintage but the hero's back up in the weary wicked end.
Supergirl was an independent co-adventurer...a family member to be sure but was positioned in the DC heirarchy to function as an independent feature within the Superman franchise.
Plus there was a slight age difference at work...Robin was a High School student at a time when kousin Kara was slogging thru college.
Still, the mix of their styles and viewpoints would've been interesting...glad DC has gotten around to exploring the possibilities.

John Feer

TalOs said...

Same here at that! :)

Truly awaiting in much anticipation for each and every one of these listed to come out!