Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Supergirl S-Shield And Sasha Calle In The Flash Movie

Back in February, the world learned that Supergirl will be in the upcoming Flash movie, played by Sasha Calle. Given the rumors that the plot of the movie is Flashpoint, I can see this Supergirl being on the main DCEU Earth or in one of the other timelines opened up by the Flash's time trips.

Last week, director Andy Muschietti gave us the smallest of peeks at Supergirl's S-shield in the upcoming movie.

That sort of textured rubberized Henry-Cavill feel is definitely present, as is the Kryptonian scripts curling through the body of the S.

There are some subtle changes in theglyph itself, the lower portion of the S curving up lower and also tapering to create a new feel.

But the big thing for me is the prominence of red above the shield, a look many Supergirl fans probably recognize. And then, some shots of Calle in the costume leaked.

This is amazing.

Would I prefer her to be blond? Yes. But that is just a preference.
And yes, I like a skirt on Supergirl but that isn't a deal breaker either.

But Calle as Supergirl in this costume just looks excellent.

I can't get over how great this costume looks. The red shoulders extending down the arms are so striking. The lack of boots somehow makes the whole thing sleek. Thumb holes at the sleeves are a bonus. And the different blue on the thighs visible by the light sheen are double bonus. 

It looks like there'll be a cape (I assume it'll be CGI'd in the first pic). So this makes me happy.

Calle and the costume seem perfect for a Henry Cavill Superman cousin. As I said, this Flash movie is Flashpoint so for all I know this is some timeline where Superman never made it to Earth and Kara is a de facto Superman. 

But I am a bit gob-smacked. This just works for me.

Okay, it isn't exactly like the peri-Crisis uniform Supergirl wore. But no doubt Kara sported a costume with way more red on the shoulders than Superman. If you love Kara and you see red shoulders, you think of this costume!

Looking forward to seeing Supergirl on the big screen!


Martin Gray said...

The cape will help, but the lack of red boots and yellow accents makes her look like a random Super-Person descendant.

The actress has a lovely warmth to her, which is great… I’m getting a Cir-El vibe, with that hair!

Anonymous said...

Tom Taylor posted to Instagram how much she reminds him of Lara Lane Kent from a dream sequence in Injustice comics (drawn by Bruno Redondo). Same hair length and hair color, and the shield and red shoulders and blue tights. In the comic I think there were red boots? I'm just poking around web searches. So this could be Clark's daughter in a Flashpoint AU, even if what we want to see is the real Kara. We may have to wait a while longer for that.

Anyway I can't wait!


Steve said...

Without the cape it looks like more like a Spider-Person costume to me.

Anonymous said...

I think these days we are lucky to get a cape at all the way the DCEU seems to work...or not work. I'm won't get colonized about this, since I'm not sure "Which Supergirl" this is...(there are literally a dozen variants in play by now)? I do think this might be a trial balloon for that "new Supergirl" concept I suspect is in play at DC, or I could think that, if I honestly believed DC was capable of thinking that far ahead, and they cannot.
Anyway this'll be interesting to see in a real theatre....


Anonymous said...

I don't Calle is playing Kara Zor-El
I think she's Lara Lane-Kent (Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #14 in 2014). Giving how she looks (her black short hair and her Super outfit). And this Flash movie is a mutltiverse movie, like there will be more than just 1 Battfleck.

Anonymous said...

Calle's costume is so evocative of Marvel's "Captain Marvel" it's ridiculous....Ghod from the time I was a boy to my late middle age, DC is still scratching it's collective head and trying to figure out "How Marvel Does It?"
Well I'll tell ya DC, Marvel panders and makes billions from it, DC treats its audience like hostages and hopes somehow that Stockholm Syndrome and chronic cheap heat will fill their coffers. Change comes when assumptions about the audience changes.

Ever the optimist :)


SG Fan said...

The design of the costume is fine, about what I expected for the movies. As Anj said, the red in the shoulders and top there is a nice touch. Surprised that there's no red boots as that's usually a standard thing no matter the Supergirl outfit (if they're going for the red and blue). All in all, not bad and a good look for this Supergirl.

Is this Kara Zor-El or some other version of Supergirl like the daughter of Clark/Lois, can't say at this junction. Personally, I'm okay if it's not Kara herself, since we did six years of an excellent representation of her in Melissa Benoist with the Supergirl TV show. Of course, I'd hate to see this lead to less Kara in the comics BUT with how much they've been screwing up Kara lately, IDK maybe another Supergirl should pop up so they can screw with that one vs Kara.

Jim Briggs said...

Sorry, but Supergirl needs to be blonde. Would a blonde-haired Superman be ok? No. Some things just need to be.

Anonymous said...

Not all incarnations of Supergirl are blonde though, there are elseworlds variants with different hair colors and skin tones. Kara Zor El is a blonde, but Lara Kal El (or whoever she may be) is not.
The whole haircolor thing is a bit of false consciousness anyway, neither Helen Slater nor Melissa Benoist started this life as blondes....they adapted to the scripts as given to them.


Anonymous said...

It's s little less boring than Cavill's Superman suit, but still pretty boring. They should add a belt or just go with Eradicator Superman's costume without the head sock and visor. The abs also look off. Like flat metal protrusions. Maybe it's just the harness?