Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Problem

My review of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #1 will be up tomorrow.

When I went into the comic store yesterday, I wasn't shocked to see a good number of the book on the rack with both covers available. After all, Tom King is a draw and the Bilquis Evely art is gorgeous. Heck, we even got a Gary Frank Supergirl cover.

I unfortunately wasn't shocked to see how the store is promoting it.

I find it sad that the word 'Supergirl' is the smallest word on this little promotion on the rack itself. 

I am also not surprised to see that the new characters that King has created are being trumpeted here as if they are the stars.

This is the problem.

It seems like Supergirl is often the guest star in her own book. We saw this in the Future State book. 

And we have seen it in how DC has promoted this book in their solicits.

Given in interviews King seems to have completely missed who Supergirl is, I will not be surprised if this isn't truly a Supergirl story but a Ruthye story.

Wouldn't it be great if  DC promotes a true Supergirl book where the promos and solicits trumpet her role in the story as the star? Or am I asking too much?

Lastly, it seems to be widely recognized that this book's plot is cribbed from True Grit. You might recall my post from a month ago.

Okay, off to read Ruthye #1. 


Anonymous said...

I think King even referred to True Grit in his podcast interview. In any event, it's been mentioned everywhere since your first observation of it.


Martin Gray said...

It was,TN.

What a daft comic store, unless they know their customers are silly enough to be taken in by such a blatant appeal to speculators.

I don’t blame them for misspelling ‘Ruthye’, though. I keep thinking ‘Roofie’.

Anonymous said...

I am positive this was pitched to DC without any mention of Supergirl whatsoever, how much ya wanna bet it was originally supposed to be Lobo or Adam Strange or Space Cabbie or some damn thing? And ya, again this is Blonde Sonja starring in "True Grit In Space"....but all my thoughts tomorrow :)


Anonymous said...

Ironic that, just like you said in Future State, where Kara was barely mentioned
at the end of her own book, I got the same impression here, but at the front of her own book. I actually stopped reading it for a few hours, then went back to it later,
when Kara finally made her appearance...

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Actually, it makes perfect sense to promote the book this way. Because SUPERGIRL (at least the one seen most recently in Action Comics 1031) ain't in the book at all.

Daxam1978 said...

This is a comic for king fans not kara fans!

Daxam1978 said...

I really dislike kings writing.
It's one note...he's the ultimate new52 writer ~everything is miserable, gritty, overly violent.
Avoid this book.

William Ashley Vaughan said...

Having read this comic, it's probably for the best that Supergirl is as little identified with it as possible.