Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sales Review: Supergirl #18

The news about the Super-titles came hard and fast recently with the announcement that Supergirl and Super Sons were being canceled. There wasn't much news outside of that. It seems obvious that this is being done to clear the way for Brian Michael Bendis and the realignment of the Superman books. But it feels like throwing out the baby with the bath water. And the sales numbers for last month seem to bear that out. Head to ICv2:

It is not as if any of the super-titles aren't selling well. But let's take a look.

Supergirl #18 continued to arc of Supergirl on the run from the DEO and this time fighting the Evolutionist. I have thought this book has been on fire since the end of the Fatal Five arc. Things are tighter and the story and art is phenomenal.

It also sported this tremendous Artgerm variant cover, the '5 seconds later' cover to the iconic Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #1 cover, right down to the logo, the 'electrifying issue' blurb, and the painted cityscape. It's beautiful and playful and sexy and reverential of the source material. This had to be a draw.

Again, whether it is word of mouth about how great the book is now or the Artgerm covers or both, the issue rose in sales. Supergirl #18 had 31,675 units ordered. That is an uptick of five thousand units from the month before which sold 26,466.

Seriously, I think store owners knew that Artgerm book would fly off the shelves.

But I have to wonder about DC's decision to cancel. This was the #56 book for the month of February. It outsold Harley Quinn. It was an eyelash behind Astonishing X-Men. Incredible.

Why pull the plug!!!

And what about Super Sons?

Super Sons #13 was the beginning of the Talia arc, bringing in the 'other mother' after the book has really concentrated on Clark, Lois, and Bruce.

This was a great issue. I love the idea of Talia coming in to try and lure Damian back to the dark side.

Super Sons #13 came in at #65 and sold 29,625.

In this market, these numbers are fantastic. I hope this whole Bendis stuff is just a pause for both properties. Both have shown they have a market and deserve to be on the shelf.

Let's keep asking DC to do the right thing!


Anonymous said...

It makes NO sense cancelling Supergirl's book is being cancelled right when it's actually selling well. God, it's 2015 all over again. Definitely I think we can blame this on Bendis.

Let's hope it's a temporal hiatus as Bendis redefines Superman's universe... something I'm growing increasingly uneasy about.

Anyway, this kind of stupid, short-sighted, endless restarting-and-rebooting cycle hurts the character and her fanbase. Every single time it's picking momentum and better sales, the plug is pulled. Let's think of it, Gates' run was also cut short, right?

Martin Gray said...

Abso-blooming-lutely - OK, there are us lifers who will always try a Supergirl book but other people do pack in following characters with the constant cycle of start and stop... I've done it myself with plenty of Marvel books these last few years.

Anonymous said...

"Abso-blooming-lutely - OK, there are us lifers who will always try a Supergirl book but other people do pack in following characters with the constant cycle of start and stop..."

It's my theory that Supergirl Volume 5 enjoyed its initial high sales partially thanks to lapsed Pre-Crisis Kara fans who were awaiting for her return and left steadily when they saw how badly DC was mismanaging the character. And a lot of them never returned.

The Supergirl fandom is split because of the endless reboots as well as the "No Kryptonian Supergirl" era: long-time fans like Anj who enjoy most of versions of the character: Pre-Crisis Kara fans who think she's the best version by far; Post-Crisis Matrix/Linda fans who think she's infinitely better than any Kara, whom they hate; Post-Crisis Kara fans who actually liked Loeb/Kelly's Kara and whine about DC "caving and turning her into Superman Lite"; New 52 Supergirl fans who think Rebirth watered the character down; Post-Crisis and Post-Flashpoint fans who hate the darker and edgier interpretations; Supergirl TV show fans who hardly read or know comics...

So, how can you please everybody? You can't. And you can't sell a lot in a shrinking market where long-timers are leaving, newer fans aren't replacing them, and the existing fanbase is splintered.

Anonymous said...

I’m done with the industry. Just done. Why keep giving my money to companies that don’t care about their customers or their characters. Almost 40 years of being a customer and I get more grief than enjoyment.

Professor Feetlebaum said...

I think Bizarro has been put in charge of deciding whether or not DC publishes Supergirl.

"Supergirl comic book am selling real good! Sales getting better! Me cancel it!!!"

Seriously, I just wish DC would confirm whether this is an out and out cancellation or only a hiatus while Bendis gets his super-ducks in a row. And if the Supergirl comic does return, can it get back all the readers it had before the break?

I'd also be curious to know if Artgerm had intended to stop after 9 covers, or if he had more planned when the axe fell. His series of "iconic costumes" never got around to the Silver Age, Matrix, Headband or New 52 costumes.