Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kotobukiya ArtFX Statue

Seems like over the last year I preordered a number of Supergirl merchandise, slowly paying them down here and there. Oddly enough, two of those pieces have come in nearly at the same time. So after just showcasing the Icon Heroes statue for the shrine, I find myself featuring this Kotobukiya ArtFX statue.

This is a really fun statue. It’s based on the Melissa Benoist Supergirl. It is a very good likeness of her.

But this statue comes with three sets of arms so you can decide on the pose you like.

You can see the poses on the back of the box. Hands on hips? Arms down? Arms crossed?

It was hard to chose.

I initially thought ‘hands on hips’. It is a classic pose and the statue looks great. But I have other pieces like that, specifically show pieces.

So I tried the arms crossed look.

And bang! I knew that was the one.

I love a fierce Supergirl. I love her quest for justice and her righteous fury when she needs to lash out at injustice.

It reminded me very much of the scene from Crisis on Earth X.
“General, would you care to step outside?”

The back of the statue is fine. The cape is well done. And it comes with a metal base and magnets in the shoes. So it stands sturdy.

It went right in the top shelf, right in with the other show merchandise.

Seriously, I have a whole bevy of Benoists!

It’s a great piece for the collection. I’m thrilled.


Anonymous said...

Nice statue.

At this rate you'll have to expand your shrine. Who would have thought it?

Now I'm thinking about it, there're some Smallville Supergirl figures, even? A Vandervoort figure placed next to a Benoist statue would look great.

A Slater's Supergirl figure wouldn't hurt either.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, arms crossed was the way to go!