Friday, March 30, 2018

Action Comics #1000 Supergirl Covers

It's truly amazing how quickly the comic landscape can change.

To think, just a couple of months ago I was complaining that DC was putting out 4 Super-books in the same week.

And now, this week, there isn't one super-book on the shelves! The arrival of Brian Michael Bendis is the equivalent of a creative earthquake, shaking everything up. Add to that the delay for Action Comics #1000 and you have a week without a super-family book.

It's kind of sad. Everything really seemed to be clicking, didn't it?

Of course, Action Comics reaching 1000 issues is a truly historical event in comics. And DC is taking full advantage of it by pumping out variant covers which are available not only at comic stores but also at specific companies.

And I reluctantly admit that I ordered a couple. First from Buy Me Toys ( is this Artgerm variant selling for $14.99. How could I refuse such a great cover showing the super-cousins in flight together. They are super-iconic in their pose. I love that Supergirl's costume is a shade brighter blue than Superman's. I just love it.

But there are even variants of the variants. Buy Me Toys also has a 'vintage' version of Artgerm's cover. This is a more muted cover with effects to make it look more weathered and worn like an older comic. This one goes for $19.99.

This is one is extra pretty.

And then there is a package of three versions of this cover available for $39.99. This includes the regular cover, the vintage cover, and then one sporting the line art.

I'll say again, I am glad that there is a cover of Action Comics #1000 with Supergirl on it. She had a long and storied run as a back-up in the book and is an important part of the mythos.

There is another variant cover which has Supergirl on it. This one is by Tyler Kirkham and offered at unknowncomicbooks   for $14.99

Doomsday is looming in the background of this one putting this in the 'Death of Superman' era. That makes this the Matrix Supergirl and Kirkham has her in the right outfit. I do like Kirkham's art. This is a lovely and older looking Supergirl, appropriate for the time.

There are plenty more variants out there including homages to specific decades in Superman's history. I don't know if I need many more copies of the book. But I'll keep my eyes peeled.


Anonymous said...

I have already ordered 5 Action Comics 1000 including the 3 Artgerms. I am trying to convince myself that I don't need the UnknownComics variant but I am not even fooling myself. I will most likely cave in tonight. :P

Professor Feetlebaum said...

Well, you can't say DC isn't going all out celebrating Action Comics 1000, as well as Superman's 80th birthday/anniversary. I wonder how many variants (including comic shop exclusives) there are going to be? Maybe DC will publish them all in a book someday.

I ordered the 3 Artgerm variants from Buy Me Toys, plus the '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s variants. I'll probably pass on the Kirkham cover, but it's nice that the Matrix Supergirl is being represented.

By the way, do you notice the Daily Planet building in the lower right corner of Artgerm's variant? That is the Los Angeles City Hall, which served as the Daily Planet building (minus the globe, of course) for establishing shots in seasons 2-6 of the 1950s Adventures of Superman TV show (with George Reeves). Artgerm drew a similar building on the cover of Supergirl 14.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the standard version of that Artgerm variant, too. (Liked the vintage version as well, but managed to restrain myself -- barely.) I also got all his other recent Sg variant covers, natch, as well as the Supergirl print he did for last years's NYCC. To me, his is almost the definitive Kara, the hyperreal digital art making her simultaneously the girl next door yet almost otherworldly in her beauty.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the sepia-tone Argerm from buymetoys after seeing your tweet about it a few weeks ago. (Thank you! No way I'd have known.)

There are 6 editions at unknowncomicbooks - with and without text, with and without signature, and 2-packs of each. I like it but may pass.

I had ordered the Joshua Williamson cover sight unseen in time for my LCS order deadline, which was before any preview of it was available, and am surprised to be disappointed by it. Lois, Jimmy, and the Daily Planet are in his fine form but Superman himself seems to lack that Williamson "special something."

I also ordered the goofy 1960s cover for the variety of characters on the cover.

There are many others that I actually find more beautiful. But there has to be a limit to the expense, right?!

Anonymous said...

Two great covers. Luckily someone remembers Supergirl had a long Action Comics run.

"Doomsday is looming in the background of this one putting this in the 'Death of Superman' era. That makes this the Matrix Supergirl and Kirkham has her in the right outfit."

Hmm... I don't think it's Matrix. I think Kirkham had Kara in mind while drawing her, even if she didn't exist during this era. Given that MAtrix wasn't even mentioned during the last retelling, I've got the feeling DC wants us to forget about the other Supergirls.