Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Silver Age Supergirl Puzzle!

One of the things I am fiercely proud of is that I belong to a fantastic on-line community of comic fans. There are too many of you out there who I routinely converse with on-line to go ahead and list. But hopefully you know who you are and who much I value our friendship.

Something that has really blown me out of the water has been how generous the group is to each other. We all know each other's special characters and creators and I think we are each on the look out for anything we could send along.

So I was floored the other day when Rob Kelly of The Fire and Water Network sent me this Supergirl puzzle from his youth. I have interacted with Rob for years now on-line and have been honored to be a guest on his Fire and Water podcast as well as his Film and Water show as well. He really is a knowledgeable fan and an overall great guy.

I'll be honest, I didn't even know a puzzle like this existed which made opening it up an even bigger surprise. It really is a great addition to my collection.

The front of the canister is the classic Supergirl pose from the early 70's in her run in Adventure and her short-lived solo title.

The back of the box shows the puzzle, Supergirl standing heroically behind a one-eyed alien who is either cringing in fear or readying an attack.

Astute observers will recognize this one-eyed menace as one of Nightflame's flunkies in Adventure Comics #421. I have to assume that Mike Sekowsky drew the alien for this puzzle. I thought this might have been a direct lift from a panel from that story but it isn't.

It is only 81 pieces so a short 10 minutes later there was the complete puzzle, finished in all its glory.

That is simply amazing! I love it!

It definitely warrants a place in the shrine. Surprisingly, the 70s section of the collection has grown pretty rapidly in the last year or so. I have come to really like that version of the costume and am happy to see it represented more.

Once again, thanks to Rob for being so generous and kind.

Rob sent along this picture of him in his youth, holding this very puzzle with sheer, unadulterated happiness.

Thanks Rob. This will be a cherished part of the collection.

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This is fantastic!