Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Jack o'Lanterns

Happy Halloween everyone!

As many know, my creative outlet at Halloween is the jack o'lantern! Every year I carve 4 or 5 pumpkins, trying to increase the technical skill involved and still making it fun. A theme also tends to pop up each year as I try to do ones that my kids will enjoy. But every year, there is one pumpkin I carve just for me.

This year, my jack o'lantern is Wildfire from the Legion. Wildfire has always been my favorite Legionnaire so I figured I would give it a shot. I wanted to highlight the cowl, face plate, and symbol and I thought this pose (swiped from a Greg LaRocque panel) did nicely.

The original plan was to have energy leaking from the vent at the top of the helmet but my artistic attempts at Kirby Krackle failed so I opted for the Legion symbol instead.

Click on to see more!

I have four year old twin nephews who I also carve a pumpkin for each year. This year they were old enough to tell me what they wanted. And as they are currently obsessed with Ghostbusters they asked for two.

One, they wanted a Ghostbuster firing the proton pack. Not easy to pull off trust me ...

They also wanted Slimer.

I leant heavily on the animated series to find appropriate templates.

I was worried these might come out a mess but luckily both came out pretty solid!

For the home theme, my youngest two girls are completely in love with the Steven Universe cartoon. And I have to admit, there are a lot of heavy themes at play in that show. It is pretty awesome.

Given their passion, I decided to do a couple of Steven Universe pumpkins. And I decided to carve the two Crystal Gems that I think I am most alike.

So here is Pearl ...

And Peridot.

Take from their personalities what you will about why they resonate with me.

Hope everyone has a safe day and happy trick or treating!

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