Thursday, March 26, 2015

Supergirl And The Legion Theory ...

In June, DC Comics won't publish a Supergirl book.

In September, CBS will air a Supergirl show.

And we know that DC has some plans for Supergirl 'later this year'.

Now the sentiment is that DC has paused Supergirl as a book to try to re-align the comic character with the television show character. I have questioned the rationality of that. We didn't need to cancel Green Arrow or The Flash or Constantine or Batman because of the shows Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, and Gotham respectively.

But let's just say that the reason why DC is pausing the Supergirl book is to re-align things (which I think is the reason).

How do you go from 17 year old Kryptonian on Earth alone to ...

The 24 year old working woman.

How do you bridge that gap?

Well in the past, I had a theory that DC could shunt Supergirl into the future with the Legion. Let's say she spends 5 years in the future and then returns as a 22 year old. Suddenly you can align Kara and her TV character a bit more.

And you can leave those five years unexplored in continuity. They can be like the five years of the Five Years Later Legion or the One Year Later after 52.

It also leverages an existing historical association between Supergirl and the Legion. That might make older fans like more easily tolerate that we are missing out on part of the hero's journey.

But even that theory was something of a stretch at first. There was no Legion in the DCU. And there was no reason or rationale behind Supergirl heading into the 31st century.

But then we got this moment in Justice League United #10.

First off, Infinitus in JLU reestablished a Legion in the current Earth-0 universe.

But then we get this scene where we learn that Supergirl and Brainiac 5 have met before when he is younger and she is older. There suddenly is a history ... even if it hasn't happened yet.

Could this little side scene be a way that DC can explain or rationalize sending Supergirl into the future? That she heads to the future, joins the Legion. And then she has a falling out (maybe whatever happened with Brainy as hinted here) and that prompts her to return to the present? Could these 2 panels pave the way for my theory to come true??

I'd go 'all in' if this was a comic book high stakes poker game!


Martin Gray said...

Works for me! I'd rather have current Kara's heroic journey continue, but this would, be a good second best.

Anonymous said...

It will be great so when losh relaunch one day Kara will officially included on the rooster.

I just hope when returning to present time she aint too old. I want her to be around same age as barbara, jason todd, starfire. Not on the same age as wonder woman.

current power girl (karen) is around 21. So strange to see them both same age and with the s shield. Could be a reason why she is stuck at earth 2, so ppl wont be confuse,

Anonymous said...

And also look at black canary on arrow and black canary in batgirl/uncoming black canary book. Comicbook version aint nothing like her character on arrow. She is also free from re-align.

Everyone is free from re-align but supergirl. Although they started shoving in felicity and co into the green arrow comics.

Anj said...

I would love another Supergirl and the Legion book. But I don't know if we will ever see it.

I suppose I have to wait and see what comes of all this.

Starsaber said...

To be fair, Black Canary is a supporting character on Arrow, not the main character. With the introduction of Diggle and the TV Felicity (as opposed to the original Firestorm character she was named after) into the comics, Green Arrow has started to be more like the TV show.

I think that Flash and Arrow started a bit closer to their comic book counterparts than Supergirl is, so that might be the reason for needing to relaunch Supergirl.