Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Post-Convergence Supergirl News

Big props to blog friend Mart Gray   and who ever asked the original question for getting some news about Supergirl out of Dan Didio. Over on Facebook, Didio was asked about Supergirl being canceled.

The answer is intriguing. There are 'plans' for the character in June. And then later this year.

I am beginning to see how all of our thoughts could come to fruition and keep that statement valid.

My thoughts all along were that Supergirl would 'disappear' from DC books only to resurface as a soft reboot to coincide with the television show. I hope this isn't a brand new Supergirl but a new direction for the current Kara, a reboot a la the current Burnside Batgirl.

There being a plan in June and then later in the year sounds like just such a break.

Kudos to the anonymous poster here who had the brilliant thought that Kara heading to the future with the Legion and aging a bit there would be the wrinkle to put Supergirl into the young 20-something of the show. Now my guess can be maybe made a bit more specific.

In the first post-Convergence issue of JLU, under the direction of whomever the new creative team is, Supergirl heads to the future with the Legion there. When the new book happens, she comes back, older and ready to be a working woman.

We saw Kara head to the future in other works, like Kingdom Come for example.

Heck, you could have Conner join her in the future of the current DCU too. And you know that DC loves to have things coincide with Kingdom Come!

But I don't think an older 20-something Supergirl feels right in regards to the history of the character. She should be a young hero at the beginning of her journey. Do fans really want a 5 year gap where we don't know what happened? Don't we want to read those stories?

Anyways ... This is what I expect.

Kara effectively leaves the DCU in June.

The 6 issue mini-series like Harley/Power Girl end in December. And then a new Supergirl book is announced for January.

We'll see if my super-intuition is on the money.


Anonymous said...

Well at least Didio actually gave an answer to some questions for a change, that's a first. Should have figured that DC would have plans for the character later in the year, hopefully some kind of soft reboot and maybe the same creative team?

Louis Seymour

Kim said...

Well, one thing to remember is that according to Didio, DC had "big plans for the next year" for Cassandra Cain.

Which resulted in bubkus.

Though I don't think that's the case here. I rather think it'll be a Supergirl & Legion series. Whether they want to age her to tie in with the TV series I'm less sure of. Kara as a teen has *so* much back material and promotional stuff out there already. Rather, I think the Supergirl & Legion will be used to further soft reboot her to a more "true" Kara.

If DC actually tries to make Supergirl a 20-something, that'd be a gigantic mistake.

Anonymous said...

..said this before in your Supergirl Cancelled post, only time will tell....

I'm still rather unconfortable with DC still calling it a "cancellation." To me
that implies finality with no possibility of reversal. Maybe I'm picking nits
over semantics... but I can only wait and see what happens in June.

> But I don't think an older 20-something Supergirl feels right in regards to the
> history of the character. She should be a young hero at the beginning of her
> journey. Do fans really want a 5 year gap where we don't know what happened? Don't
> we want to read those stories?

To play devil's advocate, how many other times have they tried playing with a 20-something
Supergirl before? Off the top of my head, there was the Matrix version, which lead
to the Peter A David arc which was handled brilliantly and beautifully of a (young)
hero on a journey, and the New 52 version, and while her age was not explicitly stated,
I could comfortably see that version of Kara in the "early 20s" age bracket.

Will just depend on the quality of stories -- think all of us here can agree THAT
is going to be key, especially with where Kara's been left, character-development-wise.


Martin Gray said...

Oh heck, sorry Anj, I managed to cut off the original name - the Facebook post was from Jon M Wilson, who runs Star Wars and Avengers podcasts.

As regards the comments from Anonymous, I've no fears about the use of the word 'cancellation' - books entitled 'Supergirl' have been cancelled, what, four times previously? She'll be back.

My favourite Kara was in her twenties, the puffy-sleeved version we had for most of the Bronze Age (remembering that she was reverted to 19 in Daring New Adventures of Supergirl, while seeming the same). So I'm not against an older heroine - I just want to see her get there.

Anj said...

Thanks for comments.

Supergirl has been a 20something before. Heck, the original was definitely in her 20s when she died. And you are right, while PAD's Linda Danvers is never specifically aged, she skews a little older.

But a couple of things.

1) The original Supergirl had nearly 30 years of stories under her belt when she died. We had seen her grow from the pig-tailed orphan into the independent young woman.

2) The PAD Linda was also Matrix. Matrix has no age. And that whole first mega-arc is the coming of age, the redemption of that character.

This Supergirl is still very new. And still very young. To blink and have her 5 years older seems like a loss of 5 'comic years' of stories for us to see her mature, grow, become who she is.

It isn't so much the age as the lack of journey that would bug me should it come to pass.

Michelle Bacon said...

Thanks Martin for sending in this screenshot; for the life of me I couldn't locate it on Didio's Facebook. For some reason it's more reassuring seeing in it black and white.

I'm in the camp that doesn't want to see this Kara lose 5 years of her life with a time-jump. It was lovely reading her progression from Silver Age to Bronze Age (in back issues for me). With the decompression of storylines in the DCU, a jump in age would be a hard adjustment (also I will not be annoyed at calling a post-21 year-old woman a 'girl', apart from the TV series using it for branding).

Michelle Bacon said...

Correction: "I will *never* not be annoyed at calling a post-21-year-old woman a 'girl'"

Comicbookrehab said...
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Comicbookrehab said...

Sorry..I clicked "post" before finishing by mistake, so I'm rewriting it here:

I'm not sure if the use of the words "big plans" are a good thing..we can only hope it's a tie-in to the TV series.

Bartiemus said...

Harley Quinn gets two god dam books and there is no place in the DCU for Supergirl.

I really could not think of a better statement to sum up everything wrong with DC today if I tried.

Looks like Dan Didio is going to get his wish with Clark being the last Kryptoian after all which is what he wanted when The New 52 launched.

I'd take Supergirl and The Legion as a conciliation prize as long as its written by Jeff Lemire

Jay said...

Where was it stated that Didio wanted Superman to be the only Krpytonian? The New 52 doesn't really support that idea. If anything the New 52 brought more Kryptonians back into canon.

Anj said...

Thanks for the discussion.

Michelle, I am with you! Let's hope she isn't aged.

Rehab, I suppose "big plans" could be a harbinger of doom.

Bart, I don't think we'll be seeing the Legion any time soon. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Yeah every time DC starts up with the "Big Plans for Supergirl" meme I start piling up sandbags in the basement and loading up on bottled water & k-rations.
Just remember at one point "Cir-El" was a Big Plan for Supergirl...I urge vigilance for all fans of Kara Zor El. This is a stunt driven event ridden industry addicted to short term gain, and snuffing off Supergirl is perfectly aligned with environment. DC LOVES "Cheap Heat" and is prone to repeating itself..so "watch the skies" mah frenz.


Saranga said...

I'd be fine with Kara being aged 5 years. I think then we could get lots of interesting back stories, told as one shots, which I've always really liked. I like getting glimpses into a character's past and working out how it fits with them now.

Anonymous said...

just as long she is not older than Grayson, starfire, barbara, jimmy aka the 20-21 yr old gang. It will be too weird for her to be older than them. 21 yr old (5 yrs) is better than the 24 yr old (8 yrs).

I'm ok with her slightly older just as long we get see a Supergirl and the legions series. I want to see current teenage kara's adventures in how she becomes "soft re-boot tv revamp 20 something kara". A brainy/kara relationship would be nice.

If she is at the future for 5 yrs while in currently timely prolly barely a year (she was 16 when she came to earth and still 16 at JLU #9). Why come back to the past, what's the point? There is nothing in the past for her, she aint even close to her cousin Kal-El. I mean future kara prolly would've had a nice life, a bf and friends, her own place and feels like she belongs and not an outsider.